December 15, 2007

Welcome Ian Mc Innes



Sometimes it's a little... ?... difficult... :

- Chris, Nov 12 : I really like your work ! Would you be ok for an interview ?
- Ian, Nov 12 : Many thanks Chris. Yes, it would be a pleasure to be included on the site.
- Chris, Nov 13 : I'm very glad you agree, blablabla...
- Chris, Nov 17 : Dear Ian, I really need to know more about you. I didn't find any bio...? Do you have one, even a short one ?
- Ian, Nov 29 : Apologies for the delay. If you're still wanting a bio and the interview questions please let me know and I'll get them off to you.
- Chris, Nov 29 : Don't apologize, I can understand. First, yes, I want your bio. After, yes, the interview, when you'll find the time...

------------- End of the communication ------------------

So... I can't tell you a word about Ian Mc Innes, except that he lives in United Kingdom, Scotland to be exact, and makes wonderful pictures that deserve an article. Maybe one day, he'll give us a little more ?

"Never have to ask for the keys"


Ian Mc Innes ©

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