February 1, 2008

Waldemar Zagorski, by Iris Dassault

You can find Waldemar Zagorski's work at : his official site, Model Mayhem.

By Iris Dassault :

I was hoping to dedicate the next couple of posts to some really wonderful Canadian photographers that I know, or had the opportunity to work with. This post is dedicated to the work of Waldemar Zagorski, a professional photographer from London, Ontario.

In my opinion, his work has a great amount of class and refinement, which is something that greatly appeals to me as a model, when considering a collaboration.

"Body and Shadow" project


Art Model Iris Dassault

"Julia - hotel Series"

"Iris - Hotel Series"

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WillT said...

The last image, the one with the curtains, is just wonderful. Kudos to you both.