February 5, 2008

Jeff Hui, by Iris Dassault

You'll find Jeff Hui at Model Mayhem, modelgraphy.

Jeff Hui seen by Iris Dassault :
Jeff Hui is a commercial photographer, based out of Toronto.
Much of his work focuses on fashion and model portfolio building, but he also finds plenty of room for creative work.
Jeff''s creative work is most certainly original. He was born and raised in Hong Kong.

His bio :

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I immigrated to Canada in 1988. My love for photography began in 1994 when I picked up a Pentax 135 camera from my father and spent the next two years capturing high school memories, even though many were out of focus!

Nearly giving up, I thought that I would never make it as a photographer (nobody wants pictures that were out of focus). It wasn’t until o­ne day, I found out that the problem was not my ability to capture clear images, but a broken mirror in my camera that distorted the pictures. In 1997, the same year that Hong Kong would be handed back to Chinese authorities, I rediscovered my potential as a photographer.

I enrolled in the Graphic Design and Printing program at Centennial College in 1998. I landed my first job as a junior designer upon completion in 2001. Within o­ne year of working, I received a promotion to senior designer. Despite the promotions and accelerated career in graphic design, the photographer in me would not rest.

In 2004, I was inspired by the career of a Canadian photographer, Yousuf Karah to reignite my passion for photography. It was time for me to leave the nest and pursue an independent career as a photographer and designer. Finding partners as passionate as myself, I started Fizheye Creative Inc., a studio dedicated to the passion of photography and innovative design.

Of all professions, photography is the easiest and most difficult to learn and master.

Is a successful career in photography due to luck ? Perhaps it is, but the lucky stories of my fellow photographers’ leads me to believe that there has to be something more.

Art Model Silver Suicide

A photograph is a mirror to society at a specific moment in time. Whether it be a moment of joy or the epitome of disaster, the ability to capture and freeze it in time is the fuel that motivates me to as a photographer.

A picture may never be worth a thousand words to me, but might be worth a few. After all, a thousand words may entertain a crowd but a few words can touch the heart and soul of one.

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D.L. Wood said...

A nice pick. Jeff is very creative. That third image almost makes you have a gag reflex along with the model.

Hope your on the road to recovery Chris. Your crew is doing a great job here in their postings.

D.L. Wood