February 3, 2008

Stephen Thorne, by Iris Dassault

You can find more of Stephen Thorne's work here

By Iris Dassault :

As "Canadian week" continues, I wanted to put the spot light on Ottawa-based photographer Stephen Thorne.

Stephen Thorne is principally a journalist, photojournalist and documentarian of the human condition. After 20 years of covering disasters and war, he decided it was time to look outside of tragedy, and capture the beauty of the female form, in all stages of dress - be it high-couture or in the nude. Stephen's deep appreciation of the 'feminine mystique' and a quest for personal and artistic growth is obvious in his work.

Stephen was awarded with the prestigious Ross Munro Media Award, and currently has a year-long exhibition about Afghanistan, showing at the Canadian War Museum, along side his wartime friend, rancher and documentary film maker Garth Pritchard. Over the last 2 years, he has started to build on his fine art nude and fashion portfolio, resulting in an impressive body of work already.


"I want to develop as a photographer and a human being, and to express my vision and ambition to find beauty, serenity and peace in this lifetime.

I enjoy meeting new people and I deeply appreciate the female sensibility. This adventure in pursuit of beautiful images, a clear vision and refined technical skills is a balm to the sores wrought by tragedy, war, and all the crap that followed. It soothes and feeds the soul" - Stephen Thorne

Art Model Valerie Whitaker

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