February 16, 2009

Industrial nudes 1

Some photographers use with success industrial sites. I find very interesting these oppositions between the curved and soft female body and the masculine and powerful machinery of our modern civilisation. So here are some great shots !

Jarda Balek
"Worker 7"
Art Model Hana

Jean François Damois

Scott Nichol
Art Model Ivory Flame

Igor Amelkovich
"To want to fly"

How do I do this ? by Igor Amelkovich :
" I really love industrial nudes, but it is not enough to use one light source for shooting in steel-casting department or on electric power station, the natural is very poor in such places.

For shooting of these industrial nudes I used many flash types : soft-box as the main light, standard 9-inch reflector - as an edge light, translucent umbrella as fill light, and illumination of back drop and some additional lights as local illumination. Translucent umbrella is very good for background light, because some light passes through it and some light reflects back. The umbrella gives light to both sides ! It can be used as an edge light and illumination of back drop at the same time."

Lorand Peli

Stalker Stalker

Olaf Martens
St Petersburg 2003

Craig Roberts
"Industrial Nude 01"

From Craig Roberts about industrial nudes :

" Continuing my desire to define my own personal vision, in 1985, I attended a workshop with Cole Weston in Ashville, NC. Up to this time the majority of my photographs mimicked what had done before in the medium. It was now the time to make my own statement. The Industrial Nudes were born in my mind on the drive home from that workshop.
I knew the machinery well from my own day-to-day life. Putting the models in the machinery began as an exploration of the juxtaposition of the curves, textures and tones of the human flesh against that of the machinery. On another level, the photographs portrayed my feeling that the expansion of technology dehumanizes society, taking away personal interaction."

Dave Levingston
"Warehouse chill"

Scott Church
"I'm the only John Wayne..."

Patrick Wanderburg

José Manchado
"Strange pose"
Art Model Sara

Andre J
Art Model White Peach

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