February 5, 2009

Graffiti scenes

"Resq 2"
Art Model White Peach

"Blue wall"
Art Model White Peach

Art Model White Peach

Mural Scene : "Stick it to"
Art Model Betcee May

Mural Scene : "Street Doves"
Art Model Betcee May

Mural Scene : "Rapture"
Art Model Betcee May

" I watched as Betcee intertwine her body, expressions, and connections with each mural she posed in front of. She barely glanced at the mural as we moved quickly throughout the alley, yet in every image she merged into the art connecting to the art."

by Miles Chandler ©

"Graffiti 20"

"Graffiti 02"

"Graffiti 23"

" I wanted to post an outdoor shoot for a change of pace. This was the abandoned ruins of an old hydro plant in the woods near Courtenay, Vancouver Island. Leanne brought Ingrid and me there, and they modelled in the rain. Rain makes colours rich and vibrant, and shadows dark and wet... So the strangely artistic graffiti became quite an element in the photos."

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