February 9, 2009

Jump ! Dance ! Laugh ! Live.

Here is a very difficult exercise, for the photographers as well as for the art models. Have a look and imagine the backstage work !

Marc Hoppe -
"Between the lines"
Art Model Anelo

Michael Papendieck -

IMSirReal -
"Swinging from Vines"
Dancer Giulia

Steve Richard
"Chair series 03"

Scott Nichol -
Art Model Jazmine Dominique

Tom Lane -
"Pole Work II"
Art Model Irene

Eric Ardent
"Dance of Life Series 11"
Art Model Katy T

Michael Siu -
Art Model Bella Blue -

Ben Heys -
"Beach dance"
Art Model Jenny F

Zeitgeist Photography
"Leaping Moon"
Art Model Moon Marie -

1 comment:

Bella said...

Wonderfully put together. Thanks for allowing our art to be apart of it:)