August 1, 2015

Dave Rudin, a B&W aficionado

Dear Dave,When I proposed you to write an article about your works, you told me a big yes ! A big thank you, Dave, you make my day !

I began photographing nudes at a workshop in Woodstock, New York, in August of 1995.

The previous year, I had completed four years of going to business school at night (including summers) because I felt doing so would give me a better chance of finding a new job. (Ha!) Now that I had completed what I felt I needed to do, it was time for me to do what I actually wanted to do – and that was photography. I had come across the Center for Photography at Woodstock and its workshop programs in the fall of 1994, so I decided to sign up for a nude figure workshop the following summer.

" Nude Nevada 5 - 2006"
Art Model Carlotta

"New Mexico Nude - 1998"

My work with the nude figure also receives the credit for turning me into a primarily black and white photographer. I decided from the start to photograph this in black and white as the masters of the genre had primarily done. This led to me doing my own developing and printing and coming up with my own vision for black and white.

Now when someone asks me why I don't photograph in color, I simply answer, "Why should I ?

"Nude Nevada 7 - 2006"
Art Model Carlotta

"Nude Scotland 2 - 2004"
Art Model Alison

In a world that often seems chaotic, I try to give my images a sense of beauty, of elegance and of grace - hence the name for my website, Figures of Grace. While this may apply literally to my work with the nude figure, my aim is to instill a sense of grace and elegance into all of my images.

"Untitled Nude 2 - 2006"

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