August 1, 2007

Dave Rudin, a B&W aficionado

Dave Rudin, from Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Dear Dave,
When I proposed you to write an article about your works, you told me a big yes ! A big thank you, Dave, you make my day !

I began photographing nudes at a workshop in Woodstock, New York, in August of 1995.
The previous year, I had completed four years of going to business school at night (including summers) because I felt doing so would give me a better chance of finding a new job. (Ha!) Now that I had completed what I felt I needed to do, it was time for me to do what I actually wanted to do – and that was photography. I had come across the Center for Photography at Woodstock and its workshop programs in the fall of 1994, so I decided to sign up for a nude figure workshop the following summer.

" Nude Nevada 5 - 2006"
Art Model Carlotta

"New Mexico Nude - 1998"

My work with the nude figure also receives the credit for turning me into a primarily black & white photographer. I decided from the start to photograph this in black & white as the masters of the genre had primarily done. This led to me doing my own developing and printing and coming up with my own vision for black & white.
Now when someone asks me why I don't photograph in color, I simply answer, "Why should I ?

"Nude Nevada 7 - 2006"
Art Model Carlotta

"Nude Scotland 2 - 2004"
Art Model Alison

In a world that often seems chaotic, I try to give my images a sense of beauty, of elegance and of grace - hence the name for my website, Figures of Grace. While this may apply literally to my work with the nude figure, my aim is to instill a sense of grace and elegance into all of my images.

"Untitled Nude 2 - 2006"

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