August 20, 2015

Welcome Scott Church

Scott Church at his official site, his live-journal, Model Mayhem.

Scott Church is a 35 years old professional photographer since 16 years, doing nothing else but photography :

"This is my day job, this is my night job, this is all that I am."
Of course, I perfectly see what he means, because I share the same kind of complete implication in my writer's job.

Scott Church lives in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA. Until now he has published four books ("Thirty Pieces of Silver", "TrashGlamour", "Good Luck In Hell" and "Revelation", link under construction at this time), and he's actually working on his fifth :

" My present world is just about making the best photos I can everyday. I'm currently working on a new book of my "greatest hits". It will be my fifth published book. I'm hoping for a christmas release, but we'll see."

Scott Church made in october 2006 his first solo exhibition at KMFK Gallery, New York, a great moment he appreciated at its true value, and I'm sure the next show will come very soon because he deserves it.

As usual, facing a fulfilled "young, rich, gifted and beautiful" artist, I find very difficult to make a choice through all his photos. This one because I love the light ? Or maybe this one for the idea ?... Or for the colors, for his shadows, for the pose, the model, his golden point approach ?!!!

Let's stop the words to discover some shots I deeply like, among the hundreds of his amazing work.

And a lot of thanks Scott for the precious time you gave me !

"In a red window"

"Cloth skin and water"

"How many more, how many days"

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