August 25, 2015

Welcome Le-Croix

These photos have been choosed by Le-Croix himself. They represent the way he wants to be showed, today, because tomorrow is always different.

If I refer to the categories in which he sorts his beautiful photos, beyond the dark, gothic, surreal and fantasy ones, I've also seen artistic, glamour and classic labels. In fact, thanks to his fertile imagination allied to a great technique, Le-Croix is not a photographer we could really classify in one only genre.

So, Le-Croix is an inspired artist, a true one never satisfied, a great photographer and an accomplished painter encouraged from his very early age by his father. What a lucky man !

"Easy full frame"

How did all that begin ? I know you received your first camera at the age of five ?...
" I've always liked visual arts, ever since I was a child. But my real passion for photography started when my daughter was born in 1984. As I studied to get better, I discovered a certain 'style' which excited me, this was dramatic black and white.

I was hugely influenced by Bob Carlos Clarke, Ansel Adams and the Hollywood photographers of the 1940' and 50's. "

"Bend over, bad boy..."

Have you some projects running ?
"I have produced a catalogue for a fetish wear manufacturer. I am now concentrating on producing quality black and white erotic photographic prints for sale via the web. Oh ! And I've just done a 7" vinyl cover for U.S. Black Metal band "Black Trinity"."

What about your next book ?

"Ah, the book... It seems I'm always working on the book ! My style is constantly evolving and so the content of the book keeps changing... I am never satisfied."

"Bound, look closely..."

Thank you Le-Croix ! And see you very soon.

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