September 5, 2012

David Kirk's Interview

You'll find him at deviantART. Check also this article and this one.

David Kirk, how did your passion begin ?

Probably around 1989.

How long could you be far from your camera ?

I try to keep a camera with me at most times, even if it is the one on my phone - particularly useful when you are out and about and see something that even just gives a basis for an idea.

Art Model Britney Lee

What inspire you ?

Music, films, the way the light is shining. Sometimes other photos will give me an idea.


Do you feel particularly inspired by a type of location ?

Sometimes. Really want to travel that bit more. Though really love the East Neuk of Fife (St Monans (or Monance) Pitenweem, Anstruther etc).

Who are your great guys in the job ?

John McMurtrie - pretty sure I met him when I was working backstage at a Sum-41 concert in the Barras years ago. Ross Halfin, the late great Bob Carlos Clarke, Andreas Bitesnich, Helmut Newton - he has some fantastic shots. Bill Brandt - fuckin' love his nudes shot with the old wide angle (I think it was an ex-police model for crime scenes). There are so many more - I really love McInnes, Davemc and Sera.

What is your process of artistic creation ?

Umm, organised Chaos...

Your preferences, indoor, outdoor, natural lights, color ?

 Usually indoor - I prefer natural light, but usually I have to resort to flash due to the weather being a bugger. When I use digital I shoot colour but usually use the plugins in Bibble to go B+W.

"In the Corner"
Art Model Katy

How do you find your beautiful models ?

Usually through Mcinnes's site, sometimes Purestorm and occasionally Net-Model.

"Posing At The Window n°2"

What kind of ambiance do you install to warm the often shy atmospher of the beginnings ?

Bang the heating on full whack. Natural charm, umm a wee chat see what we both want out of the shoot.

Do you make many corrections after a shoot ?

Generally I can whack out a decent set after the shoot, though when I look back some time later I see a few more that I like or don't like and make a later edit.

What is your artistic dream ?

Keep changing, fleeting images, suppose it depends on my mood.

"Cody 6"

Have you scheduled your next exhibition ?


A book to come ?

Would like that, though still need more images.

What's for your next future ?

Umm well the most immediate is sitting, and passing my SIA Door Supervisor course for the day-job.

Thanks Dave ! See you soon...

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