September 7, 2007

Ramez El Saïd's Interview

Ramez El Saïd won the award Art Limited in july 2007. Check also this article.

You'll find him at : ALTphotos, his space at deviantART, Obsküre (an interview in 2005 in french).

How did your passion begin ?

Working in a hospital I wanted to express the joys and pains I witnessed every day. At first I grabbed a camera and tried to shoot corridors, patients etc... It happened to be a total failure. Afterwards I decided to start from scratch and manipulate images with the same purpose.

How long could you be far from your camera ?

I can forget my camera for months... until something flickers in my mind. I'm a sort of "sleeping agent"?

What inspires you ?
At first the medical environment, as I said. Most of the time it can be writings and movies, of course.

"Boss's out"

Do you feel particularly inspired by a type of location ?

Mostly desert places, I think. Since I made a trip to Iceland 10 years ago.

Who are your great guys in the job ?

There's too many of them ! Ok, regarding the renowned ones I'ld say Todd Browning, Fritz Lang, Bacon... For the people I know, all my friends in DeviantArt (I'm lazy, I know).

"Not alone anymore"

What is your process of artistic creation ? Chaos or Order ?

Both like most people I suppose... Sometimes I have a picture I manipulate without thinking and hope that it will end properly. Sometimes I have an idea and try get a result the closest to what's in my mind. Both process are a pain in the neck.

Your preferences, indoor, outdoor, natural lights, color ?

Indoors and natural light. I don't know how to use those big flashes with umbrellas.

Do you find easily your models ?

Easily ? No. Most of the time we eat drink and talk... And eventually if there's time left we shoot a little. Being a mediterranean, the models are like guests.

"The doll that..."

Do you make many corrections on a long period ?

I take too much time... I think too much, go backwards.

I understand... And how do you know when your work is finished ?

Until now I never know... but now I can live with it.


How do you feel when your work leaves you ?

Subtle question... I'm the kind of person that can easily tear my drawings, even if I spent hours on it. Same thing on digital files (but don't worry, the raw picture is still safe).

What is your artistic dream ?

Well... Being inspired until I die ? Only a dream of course.


A beautiful one ! Have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

There's an exhibition to come, but as you noticed, communication is my weak point. No precise date until now.

And a book to come ?

Hey ! There's another dream !

What's for your next future ?

The "artistic" future is quite uncertain. The priority being my real work and my family... But I hope that I can keep everything balanced together.

Thanks a lot for your trust !

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