September 7, 2012

Ramez El Saïd's Interview

Ramez El Saïd won the award Art Limited in july 2007. ALTphotos, deviantART, Obsküre (an interview in 2005 in french).

How did your passion begin ?

Working in a hospital I wanted to express the joys and pains I witnessed every day. At first I grabbed a camera and tried to shoot corridors, patients etc... It happened to be a total failure. Afterwards I decided to start from scratch and manipulate images with the same purpose.

How long could you be far from your camera ?

I can forget my camera for months... until something flickers in my mind. I'm a sort of "sleeping agent"?

What inspires you ?
At first the medical environment, as I said. Most of the time it can be writings and movies, of course.

"Boss's out"

Do you feel particularly inspired by a type of location ?

Mostly desert places, I think. Since I made a trip to Iceland 10 years ago.

Who are your great guys in the job ?

There's too many of them ! Ok, regarding the renowned ones I'ld say Todd Browning, Fritz Lang, Bacon... For the people I know, all my friends in DeviantArt (I'm lazy, I know).

"Not alone anymore"

What is your process of artistic creation ? Chaos or Order ?

Both like most people I suppose... Sometimes I have a picture I manipulate without thinking and hope that it will end properly. Sometimes I have an idea and try get a result the closest to what's in my mind. Both process are a pain in the neck.

Your preferences, indoor, outdoor, natural lights, color ?Indoors and natural light. I don't know how to use those big flashes with umbrellas.

Do you find easily your models ?

Easily ? No. Most of the time we eat drink and talk... And eventually if there's time left we shoot a little. Being a mediterranean, the models are like guests.

"The doll that..."

Do you make many corrections on a long period ?

I take too much time... I think too much, go backwards.

I understand... And how do you know when your work is finished ?

Until now I never know... but now I can live with it.


How do you feel when your work leaves you ?

Subtle question... I'm the kind of person that can easily tear my drawings, even if I spent hours on it. Same thing on digital files (but don't worry, the raw picture is still safe).

What is your artistic dream ?

Well... Being inspired until I die ? Only a dream of course.


A beautiful one ! Have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

There's an exhibition to come, but as you noticed, communication is my weak point. No precise date until now.

And a book to come ?

Hey ! There's another dream !

What's for your next future ?

The "artistic" future is quite uncertain. The priority being my real work and my family... But I hope that I can keep everything balanced together.

Thanks a lot for your trust !

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