September 15, 2012

Wolf189's Interview

" I rather not to use word "Art" about my photographs... I take and make photographs. I simply try to appreciate and express as much as possible within each single image, given the situation, light and concepts." Wolf189

Art Model Ree Ja

How did your passion for photography begin ?

After seeing the results of the first shots that I took at age 6-7.

Young, of course, as all the photographers I interviewed... It's what I call the vocation. And do you remember your first experience ?

My father taught me the basics of photography in one warm afternoon on his Kodak retinette camera when I was about 6-7 years old.

Nude portrait style
Art Model Christina

Where did you learn your art ?

I rather not to use word "Art" about my photographs... I take and make photographs.

I simply try to appreciate and express as much as possible within each single image,

given the situation, light and concepts. "Art" is rather a very subjective word. Aside from that, I think I have never stopped learning about "myself", "others" and how we see each other. So the learning continues.

Are you an obsessive photographer ?

I almost have a camera within the reach at all times... But camera is just a tool. I always try to see and observe the images around us without a need to actually photographing them as well.

Editorial fashion nude style
Art Model Jemme H

A difficult question : how long did it take to find your own style ? Could you define it ?

I still remember my very first 3 images that I took at very young age. Two of them were from a rose and the third one was from a pine tree bent under the pressure of heavy snow. I took that shot at about 5 am hence everything was almost dark but the bright snow under the street lights. I see very little difference between my compositions of those three images and the images that I take today... What is keep changing is my outlook and dynamic towards life, people and myself which reflects in the way I photograph my subjects.

I can try to explain my style, but I wonder if it really does any good. The images and style either can communicate with viewers or not... About once every few months, one observer might see the images very close to the frame that I like them to be viewed. Those are some my most rewarding moments of my life, when they (the viewers) tell me what they see in a certain image and how they see it.

That's a true human connection on such an intimate level that often happens with a total stranger. It's such a great feeling when you feel, you have been understood correctly, even for a short moment.

Erotic Nude style
Art Model Ava A

But if you really like me to categorize my styles in nude photography, I have to say I shoot in four different styles :

1. Fine art nude
2. Erotic Nude
3. Editorial Fashion Nude
4. Nude Portraits

"Balancing in style"
Art Model Ree Ja

Art Model Natalie

Art Model Katisha

" I did four short sessions with Katisha during those three days, one after another. We covered a lot of ground from commercial style photography to editorial fashion, portrait, life style, subtle erotic and experimental/abstract fine art work... and I really enjoy working like that... shooting 2 rolls in one style and immediately starting to shoot additional rolls in a very different style ( consciously )... all being improvised based on the mood, light, connection etc."

You tried with success ! What message do you want to express through your work ?

That we shouldn't take anything in life for granted... from life itself to the beauty in everyday objects and everything else around and within us.

What genres do you photograph in ? Is there a particular one that you enjoy above all ?

If I see a good photograph, I take it. Then I would try to categorize it later if I have to.

On a road trip towards a lake, I would take documentary and travel shots... In the pit-stop close to a bridge I would shoot industrial. When I get to the lake, I would shoot nature until I see the trash that tourists have left on the beach, then I would shoot documentary again...

Industrial style

And when I see an attractive well dressed girl passing by, I would ask her if she is willing to pose for me... So I would do fashion portraits and if she is open to the idea of posing nude for me, then it would turn out to be a nude portrait and if she feels comfortable to pose erotically in a dirty bathroom or in my car, then I would do erotic nude shots.

After that when I am having lunch in the small restaurant close by to the lake I'll do street/candid shots of people having lunch too or maybe some local architecture, and if I hear a car accident outside of the restaurant, I would start doing journalistic photography... And on the way back, I would try to photograph the sunset and city lights perhaps, or close up shots of my car keys, moving left and right, while I am driving home. I might even photograph my pillow right before trying to sleep for 3 hours.

Art Model Sarafin

How I understand you !... Wolf, what is your process of creation ?

 It's a combination of chaos and order. I usually try to have 3-4 back up plans at least... And I enjoy the energy in the air, while trying to capture it.

Art Model Candace Campbell

"From an experimental photo series called "All those quirky films. Inspired by various Hollywood B movies."

Art Model Brittany V.

Art Model Envy

" Above image was taken during a very fun session with Envy. We covered various styles during that shoot, from portrait to editorial fashion and from erotica to experimental nude... and she was just wonderful."

What are your sources of inspiration ?

Love, pain, cinema, music, beautiful women, literature, classic paintings, poetry, Life, human touch, a new location, a glass of wine... really anything at the right time.

About your fine nude photographs, it seems you like to shoot indoors, with strong shadows ?

I really have no preferences... However I do enjoy indoor location photography to studio or outdoor photography when I am shooting nude works just a little bit more I guess. I respect what we can not see as much, or even more than what we can see in the images.

Art Model Jemme H

Fine art nude style
Art Model Christina

Some words about your models ?

We (me and models that work with me) need to like, understand and respect each other at least a little bit so the session can have a chance. I have been extremely lucky in that regard.

I have stumbled upon many beautiful people with great attitudes and passion during all these years.

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?


"Romance in the bath tub 2"
Art Model Brittany V.

Good feeling ! Have you some challenges you're dreaming about in a near future ?

Aren't we all ?

Yes . And are you scheduling your next exhibition ?

Not sure yet... This years' focus has not been on having exhibitions, although I am always open to hear ideas.

Wolf 189 in Practical photography magazine

Have you published a book ? Is there a new one to come ?

I have not published a book yet, although I am currently working on finishing four different book projects. Hoping to publish them all in the coming year if possible.

You can see a partial list of some of my recent publications, exhibitions, interviews and such in the News section of my website. That is not a complete list of course, it's just a work in progress. The book projects have consumed the majority of my time in the recent months.

I wish you to publish as soon as possible. Besides photography, have you another passion ?

Love, cinema, writing, painting, poetry, travel, mathematics, physics, cooking, all kinds of sports and of course humanity.

Any message you'd like to leave our readers ?

Thank you for reading... If you actually have read this whole thing of course.

And if you really have read it, then stop now and go photograph something or read something more meaningful !

Thanks a lot ! You're quick, efficient, talented. And so kind ! Come back quickly, this site is yours.

Thank you very much for the kind words Chris... I'll make sure to stay in touch.

Nude Portrait
Art Model Sarafin

"Just one of my personal favorites from the session with Sarafin. I find the pose and moment rather romantic."

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