September 15, 2015

Welcome Gerhardt Thompson

Gerhardt Thompson is a great and renowned photographer. I knew his exceptional work since a long time but I didn't dare to approach him for an introduction. He did it for me.

And, despite his fame, he's a very kind artist and an enthusiastic and friendly man.
I'm deeply proud and honoured to welcome him.

"In the Dreamtime"
Art Models Rachel and Scarlet

" I was born in Australia and have lived most of my life along the east coast of New South Wales. Australia is an outdoor lifestyle that you just have to indulge. What else can you do ! To this regard I do not photograph in a studio. Well it is not simply that it has been done so many times or in so many ways before, it is more that it could have been taken anywhere in the world.

The ever changing and unique Australian landscape is the perfect backdrop for a Fine Art Nude photographic session whether it is on a beach, a river bank, rocky outcrops or a bush land setting.

"Lured by the Sea"

The nude in my opinion is so beautiful, particularly in the natural environment and many of the curves and lines of the model are found and repeated in nature.

It is the harmony and/or often the contrast of the two I try to find and blend into one. I am very conscious of the textures and it is very evident in my work… some have called it my trademark and that which makes my work somewhat unique.

The end result is something quite unique that cannot be recreated elsewhere. Even the light is different. The intensity of the Australian sun is second to nowhere and creates its own special magic that while absolutely beautiful, is also a challenge to capture and harness in this type of photography. Many try but very few successfully harness and capture the beauty it provides.

"Reflections in a Mirror"
From the series "ArchiTexture"

I almost exclusively shoot outdoors. While I have done some studio work, I find very little to challenge me when I can control every aspect of the light and mood. I also find it difficult to create something truly unique in a studio. Most of the time no matter how good it may be it always ends up similar to so many other studio nudes.

I am Australian and it is also where I live, I have spent my life in the outdoors, surfing, bush walking, sporting activities, I just love being outdoors… so I suppose it was almost a natural decision for me to go outdoors with the camera.

I also enjoy exploring the natural sunlight, harnessing its nuances and working with the constant intricate changes which I have no control over but have to work with. To me it is more of a challenge trying to harness this often hostile yet beautiful light, particularly with nudes.

"Dream Catcher"
Art Model Scarlet
From the series "Angels in the Clouds"

My website provides links to my solo exhibit here in Sydney, three International Exhibits where my work is featured and sold, over 50 joint exhibits and five European based Exposes.

I have been interviewed by La Repubblica (Italy), Jade Magazine, (UK), FHM Spain, The New Nude Magazine by Andrew Kaiser,, Incubus Choice, The Art of Love, and Duclerk, my work has been also been published by each of them. I have also been published in the poetry journals The Sow's Ear Review and The Blue Fifth Review both based in the USA.

I have two books available for purchase, Gerhardt - The Book and The Sun Drenched Nude.

I am a photographic judge at photokonkurs and currently my photography hangs on walls around the world."

"Someday Baby When the River Runs Free"

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