September 9, 2015

The artworks of Marc Hoppe

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From Braunschweig (Germany), Marc Hoppe is specialized in fine art nude, acrobatic nudes and portraits. And as you see it, "acrobatic" is not just an expression. Fan of Andreas H. Bitesnich, André Brito, Thorsten Jankowski from who he learnt a lot and Igor Amelkovich, here are some of many Photographers who inspire him, Marc Hoppe is fascinated by the feminine shapes :
" Before I start shooting a model, I try to analyze the body and the muscle structure."

A thing I'm sure, Marc doesn't "try", he succeeds ! Take a little of your precious time to admire his work. You'll be as impressed than me by the power of his imaginative and so well composed artworks.

Art Model Kat Love

By himself :

The fascination on photography began in 2004 when I started shooting architecture and landscapes.In the early 2008 I met Thorsten Jankowski and Michael Papendieck, two fine art photographers wich are also based in Braunschweig, Germany.

They gave me the inspiration to change the focus from architecture photography to the “sculptural nudes” and “transforming bodies” photography.

Before I start shooting a model, I try to analyze the body and the muscle structure. Then I try to use minimal light setup so that the focus is only on the form and the structures of the muscles and bones. I also get inspirations from architects like Tandao Ando, Santiago Calatrava, Phillipe Starck and use this in my photoworks.

"Hang loose"

"So what ?"

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