September 17, 2015

Ulorin Vex, Art-model and Illustrator

" I really love the naked human form, in all shapes and sizes, I think it looks amazing in photography and love playing around with weird poses to create odd shapes, just as much as simple figure nudes."

Member since 2008

by Simon Richardson
"Fire Inside"

 by Mick Waghorne 

Ulorin Vex makes part of this renowned models who are an endless source of inspiration, such as Iris Dassault, Dollybeck or Muse.

We can feel all her passion in her poses :

" I put a lot of effort into my work and trying to be original".

And she succeeds. Her inexhaustible creativity allied to her natural grace bring us always the very best.Working with the greatest photographers, Ulorin Vex is a very experienced Art-model featured on many magazine covers, and, last but not least, a skilled illustrator when her busy planning permits it.

by Michael Helms

My name is Christiane (aka Ulorin Vex), a 23 year old model currently based in the South West of England.

Reliable, enthusiastic, experienced red-headed chameleon. I love what I do, everything from natural art nudes to runway to urban fashion and crazy colourful haute couture. I am especially fond of art nude work on location or creating unusual shapes with studio work.

by Julian Knight

by Julian Knight
with Amalthea

From Incubus' Choice :
" Fetish model with a very sweet sensuousness, glamor and tender eye that knows to be tougher sometimes, as if vector of an inner strength not easily taken in, and who affects mischievous and irritable pouts by a mere movement of the lips."

 by Michelle Roberts

I'm inspired by anything a bit unusual, creative, avant garde, strong colours, makeup and styling.

I also love creating artistic nude images, especially those that explore human form and the landscape, but also enjoy the challenge of studio work !

by Dbimages
"Sol Invictus"

I put a lot of effort into my work and trying to be original. I am creative and full of my own ideas, but I can also take direction if that is what you prefer.

by Russell Coleman
"One day I'll get you"

Ulorin Vex is an illustrator under the name of Malady Charlotina :

"Plague Rats"

As well as modeling, I am also an illustrator under the name 'Malady Charlotina'.

I'm a big fan of body modification and alternative subculture and a lot of my work features pretty girls and/or boys with horns, wings and tattoos, though I also love drawings dragons and other creatures.

I currently keep a variety of pet frogs, tarantulas and a hibernating newt. Unfortunately my arachnid, amphibian and reptile wish list is much bigger than my flat can accommodate !


by Perry Gallagher

Ulorin Vex is an English alternative model from England.

She graduated from the University of Durham in 2004 with a BSc (hons) in Biology, and began her career as an alternative model shortly after, modeling collections for numerous latex clothing designers and appearing on stage at events such as the Skin Two Rubber Ball.

While still one of the more popular fetish models, she has since become equally well known for her non-fetish modelling work, appearing in style editorials for Dazed and Confused and promotional images for global hair brand Tigi, including the cover of award-winning trade magazine Creative Head.

by Ken Pegg
"La galleria"

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