November 17, 2012

Dave Hare's Interview

"After 20 years in commercial and advertising photography I began to photograph more people in the early 90's and find the work fascinating. I quickly realised that the female form was my chosen genre." Dave Hare.


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Dear Dave, tell us how did your passion for photography begin ?

 I began to take an interest in photography when I was about 15, I started going to night school with my uncle who was travelling and wanted to improve his skills. Until then I was going to be a farmer, like my dad.

When we moved into our new high street location girls would come in asking for portfolio shoots or glamour shots of themselves for personal use. I built a portfolio using models looking for tfp/cd shoots. I soon wanted to expand my horizons and moved on to nude photography and have been expanding and developing my style ever since. This work is not for income, just a creative release and a chance to hone my photographic skills. I love the constant creative options it presents.


Did you learn your art in a special school ?

 I spent two years at Kitson College in Leeds, Yorkshire, doing a technical photographic course and then spent three years at Medway College of Art completing a course in fashion and advertising photography. I then worked for 25 years as a still life photographer working for in advertising and design, moving onto my nude work about five years ago.

How long could you be far from your camera ?

I nearly always have a camera near me. My wife complains that I never look at anything unless I’m looking at it through a camera.

I try to shoots models every weekend and send a lot of time sourcing girls I’d like to work with.

And where do you find your inspiration ?

I take inspiration from many areas, often combining different ideas and expanding on them. I’m a fan of many photographers but try to develop and maintain my own style of work.

How long dit it take to find your own style ? How could you define it ? If you had to.

 I’m still developing my styles, I soon bore with any one style and I’m always looking for new ideas. I’ve been involved in this work for around five years and my work continues to change and develop.

Do you plan every details ?

 When I plan a shoot I usually have an idea of how I want to shoot a particular model and choose my models carefully for the image I want. Then, as we proceed with the shoot I work with my model to develop ideas, often creating different and exciting images.

I like to use props, bandages, carves, underwear and clothing to add to the eroticism of my work.

"Binnur - angst"

"See no evil"
Art Model Livvy


I saw many studio and indoors shots in your portfolio ? Do you feel particularly inspired by a type of location ?

 I’ve shot very little location work, but I’m hoping to do some location work in the near future. I’m drawn to old, decaying but elegant places and decrepit and grimy run down locations, we’ll to wait and see what happens.

"Iveta in a jumper"
Art Model Iveta Niklova

What are your preferences, indoor, outdoor, lights, bw, maybe more in color, I presume ?

 I shoot all my studio work digitally in colour and then manipulate it in Photoshop. Quite often converting to b/w and sometimes toning or adding grain to help the mood of the shot.

I always use flash for my studio work, a mixture of soft boxes and strip lights.

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

At the end of a shoot I usually wish we had more time to develop new ideas, I always think of new shots as the shoot progresses.


Some words about your models ?

My models are wonderful, I’m lucky to have worked with them. I always try to give them shots they don’t already have. Many of them shoot their first art nude sessions with me and usually go on to be very successful, I try to give them striking, individual and eye catching images. I am very keen on my bandaged series, I love the anonymity it presents.

Let's talk about the future, your future. Have you a special project, some challenges you're dreaming about in a near future ?

 My great desire for the future is to shoot more location work. I relish the options it will present.

Have you been published in magazines ? I’m a regular contributor to Jade magazine, having had a ten page centre spread, two front covers and been featured in their through the lens section. Also I have work on showcase sites such as Michelle7, the Saatchi Gallery and many others.

"Dulce Bleu"
Art Model Sam

Where do you exhibit your work ?

I’m a member of the Association and of the Guild of erotic artists and exhibit work through both of them.

A message to send ?

 When I retire from my full time work I hope to publish a book of my work. All I need is the time.

Thank you Dave ! Come back as soon as possible !

"Olivia R"
Art Model Olivia

Dave Hare ©

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