November 26, 2012

Jiri Ruzek's interview

" The beauty of woman body goes hand in hand with the secrets of her soul and you can't see them separately." Jiri Ruzek

"Come to the Cabaret"

Dear Jiri, could you tell us how did your passion for photography begin ?

I started to take photos when I was a kid, using a Soviet kamera, brand Smena, like a lot of children in my country, but I can't say it was any serious shooting, it was just for fun. I was living for music and I wanted to be a rock star :).

In 1995, when I was 28, I started to take a shots of various rock bands and asked my friend, who was a fashion model, if she could stand as a model for me. I knew I'd like to work with people, with their expressions, moods and feelings. In 2004 I moved from my home town Litomerice to Prague and this was the beginning of the "New Age" :).

"Antique Body"

How did you get into nude art photography ?

The beauty of woman body goes hand in hand with the secrets of her soul and you can't see them separately, if you want to capture and express this complex called Woman.

If you, at the first sight, see a bad girl on my photo, look into her eyes and then ask yourself - am I certain she is bad ? If you see an angel girl, look at her face again, are you still sure ? I try to capture these small nuances into my portraits, questions and dares in her eyes, regardless if she is naked or not. But I suppose you want to hear something about my beginnings. Of course, it was hard for me, I was very nervous during my first nude model shooting, more shy than the actual model and the photos were very bad :).

Everything is in the detail... Did you learn your art in a special school ?

No, I didn't, I studied two very different schools - computers and programming and later song lyrics and scripts writing, but not photography.

"Midnight Break"

How long could you be far from your camera ?

I am not one of those photographers who you won't meet without camera on their neck. Sometimes I have a period when I want to take photos anytime and anywhere, but sometimes I feel I need a break and it can take weeks or even months. I take photos only if necessary during this period.

Wise choice. And who are your greatest inspirators ?

It's hard to say. I am always in a progress and it's possible I don't like what I've admired one year ago. I like a lot of photographs of many styles created by many great photographers, not necessarily only the Masters of photography.

"Headphones II"

Of course, I like the work of Helmut Newton - it can sound like a cliche, but if we respect Hendrix in modern music, we must respect Newton in modern photography. I don't want to copy his work, I just feel something very familiar in his provoking perception of the situation and the woman beauty.

I see something similar in the work of Roy Stuart or my close friend Jan Hronsky, although every one of them does it his own way. I also have to remember great Czech photographer Jindrich Vanek (R.I.P.), some of his photos talk to me in a similar way. As I've mentioned, I am also inspired by many unknown photographers every day. I have a lot of friends in Czech Republic and the whole world, who create great photos. I won't say any names, because I don't want to forget someone.

"Deep Night XX"

Deep Night Series

" More than 3 years after taking the shots I decided to publish for the first time complete series of these dramatic, depressive, but still very sexy photographs taken by Sony photocamera using its night vision (infrared) feature. Enjoy all 57 high resolution photos "as is" exclusively in the GRAND GALLERY on my website."

You're right ! How long dit it take to find your style ? How do you define it ?

Do you think I already have my own style ? :) I think it's a neverending story and when I'll think I have found it, maybe it will be the right time to stop taking photos. I agree with Bono's "I still haven't found what I'm looking for…", I don't know if I'll ever find it and I am not sure it's required to find it, perhaps the quest for it is the only important thing in every kind of art.

I don't know how to define my photos in few words. There is an eroticism in them, but I don't create first plan erotic photos, I try to capture the natural beauty. You can feel an eroticism, because it's natural and it's a part of woman. In the moment of taking the photo I can be excited by the instant beauty of the model and the whole scene and image, but I don't feel any sexual arousing.


"Palm Leaves"

What is your process of creation ? Are you planning every detail ?

I can create exactly what I have planned only with the models I know, but when the model goes hundreds of kilometers to see me and I have never seen her before - except the photos created by other photographers - I have to improvise, because my photos always depend on the mood of the moment.

Do you feel particularly inspired by a type of location ?

Yes, when I see any interesting place or interior, I imagine it with a model and want to photograph there. But sometimes when I actually do it I get disenchanted, when I can't get the result I've seen in my fantasy.

"Saturday Evening"

I don't see a true
preference in your work, indoors, outdoors, bw or color ?All of the above, because I like variety.

I love to take photos in the oldest parts of Prague as much as in my old attic. I have three windows there for daylight shooting and also some lights.

The only difference between BW and color photo is in my momental mood and feeling. I like both of them.

Some words about your models ? A shooting that you particularly liked ?

I've been talking about the union of body and soul. All my models are lovely, but not in that Playboy-empty-plastic-babydolls like style, there must be "Something". Some special nonverbal communication, something I see in her eyes and feel in every part of her body - that's why I call it "body language". It is enough to see her fingers, part of her leg or the way she moves her head and I know she could be My Model. She doesn't have to be perfect, but she must be interesting. I will not shoot her as a perfect body, but as interesting woman.

Few days ago someone asked me "why the goose-bumps ?" and my answer was : "it is a part of life". Is your girlfriend or wife perfect ? Although I don't know her I don't think so, but I believe she is beautiful for you.

I think a lot of all my good models and I like to take new photos with them again and again. I could never create good photos without them.

"Blonde Sculpture"

"Blonde Sculpture II"

I understand. How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

Maybe you are expecting some deep thought, but the answer is simple - tired. With a good or a bad feeling of the result, but mostly tired. You can compare it with sports or music gig, when you put all your energy into the performance and result.


Have you a special project, some challenges you're dreaming about in a near future ?

I just would like to grow in both artistic and technical way for ever. Other things like success, money etc… are not important… Just kidding, do you know any artist who refuses it ? :)

No. We all need to eat... Is your next exhibition already scheduled ?

Currently you can visit an exhibition of my photographs in one Prague café. Follow the actual information on my website.

"Backstage Dancing II"

Have you published your work ?I sometimes publish in some Czech magazines, mostly fashion or documentary photographs.

A book ? Not yet, but if you know any publisher, who would like to… ;)

I note it !... A message to send ?

I appreciate your hard work on this website, it is really great to see such neat gallery amongst the tons of internet scrap and I am honoured you've invited me to be a part of it. Thank you. And I also want to thank my girlfriend Lída for her patience and love. She helps me so much every day.

Thanks Jiri ! For these kind words, for your nice participation and your wonderful work ! This space is yours, come back soon !


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