November 24, 2012

Miss Anya's interview

"The undressed is vulgar. The nude is pure", I read that and understood it. And since then I've been impressed, fascinated, and attracted to the human body, I wanted to explore what I could do with it as works of art." Miss Anya

Miss Anya by Jason Fassnacht
"Lil Green Fairy"

In June 2007, Anya wrote :

" I am a model not a photographer. Some day I will be perhaps. I myself treat my modeling more like a performance art than anything else."

One month later :

" Well, I guess I can no longer say that I am just a model. I'm trying myself out in photography and something or other is coming out." 
Quickly followed by :

" I know I have to find the next step. Which is always the hardest to take.

And she's working hard to find her style, full of hope, or loosing her confidence, but learning day after day her art with love and passion, suffering like a true artist. That's the way...

"Double Take"
Model Emmanuel and Anya
" Photographed by Emmanuel and me. Post-production by Krista Muller."

Dear Anya, how did your passion for photography begin ?

I decided to try modeling as soon as I turned 18. I joined Model Mayhem and soon found Jason Fassnacht, who was a fine art nude photographer in the area.

After having shoots with him, I got into modeling, and learned things about studio photography from watching.

When I felt ready, I picked up the camera myself, and became the photographer. I feel that it is important to learn both sides of anything you do.

How did you get into nude art photography ?

From modeling nude, I opened up a lot to appreciate and accept myself and others. "The undressed is vulgar. The nude is pure", I read that and understood it. And since then I've been impressed, fascinated, and attracted to the human body, I wanted to explore what I could do with it as works of art.

Miss Anya by Thomas Landon
"Blue Green"

You're actually learning your art, isn'it ?

I'm currently studying sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. When it comes to photography, however, I prefer to lear from one-on-one experiences.

How long could you be far from your camera ?

I actually don't have a camera at the moment. I'm lucky to have Krista Muller allow me to use her studio and equipment when needed. Also, I spend a couple of weeks at Raven Laughter's house last summer, using his camera to photograph his lovely wife and learning the Photoshop techniques he uses.

Miss Anya by Haleh Bryan

Who are your greatest inspirators ?

Greatest ? I don't know. I have so many people that inspire me all the time, and sometimes, when the moments just right, I can use their inspiration in my work.

The photographers I've modeled for inspire me a lot. Besides the ones I've mentioned, there's A.J. Kahn, Andrew Kaiser, Haleh Bryan... All of them I watch and learn from. I'm sort of a voyeur when it comes to being inspired and learning from others. I just watch what they do and try to understand their thought process.

I know you're still searching your style...

I definitely don't have my style yet. I'm still young, everything I do is hit or miss. If I'm lucky, it's mostly a hit. But I have so many things to try before I find my own style.

"We all ask questions"
Model Emmanuel

You'll find it ! Anyway, and today, what is your process of creation ? Do you plan every details ?

I mostly deal with photography the way I live my life : in the moment. I've noticed that when I plan ahead, a lot of time, it does not go in sync with the energy the person is letting off, and no matter what is done afterwards, the image is a miss. So I make decisions quickly as to how to approach the subject, and the concept it is demonstrating. Sometimes, I just go with the flow and the main idea doesn't hit me until I'm editing the photo. I believe a lot of it just has to do with the energies of the photographer and model flowing together to create one whole thing.

"Emmanuel Squared"
Model Emmanuel

Miss Anya by Brian Sullivan
"Bound 3"

Just like me with my words... Do you feel particularly inspired by a type of location ?

I'm most comfortable in a studio at the moment, as my greatest knowledge is of studio lighting. But I'm definitely interested in expanding that to shooting in other locations among nature.

What are your preferences ?

 It all depends of course. Some images look better in color, while others look better in black and white. The black and white does have a more classic feel to it, though. But like I said, it depends on what is desired from the outcome.

Some words about your models ?

Miya is absolutely amazing ! She will be anything you want her to, and her facial expressions have a great range.

"The Priestess Final"
Art Models Faith and Miya

" This is my first ever photo manipulation. Learned a lot doing it and will definitely make more. Great thanks to Ravens Laughter."

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?


Not tired ?! Great... Have you a special project, some challenges you're dreaming about in a near future ?

I don't plan ahead too much. There's a lot of things I want to do, but I don't want to ruin attempting them until the moments right. Everything I'm shooting right now is inspired by the model on the spot.

Miss Anya by Ravens Laughter
"Keeping weakness in front of you"

I understand. Besides shooting, I saw you have another passion...

Sculpture. The human body is my subject in this medium as well. I find that one can help the other greatly.

A message to send ?

I'm just starting out as a photographer, so I don't have a lot of work finished yet. I do want to go forth with this and see what I can do with the body, and how I can convey it to others.

You belong the vision dear Anya, and the experience. This interview (with the first nude male pictures of this site !) is the proof you needed... Shoot and shoot, work hard, keep your goal and you'll succeed ! Come back quickly !

Miss Anya by A.J. Kahn

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