November 28, 2012

Iris Dassault's interview

" A good shoot is a combination of some planned, and some unplanned concepts." Iris Dassault

Iris Dassault by Chris Maher

with Stephen Thorne and Lela Rae

Dear Iris, when did you start modeling ?

I'm most certainly a late starter. I didn't start my modeling until I was in my mid thirties, and you'll be hard pressed to find any photos of me in my twenties or younger. I'm making up for that in big way now. If someone would have told me I'd be doing this at age 37, I would most certainly have considered this person crazy, as I was quite a prude about nudity when growing up.

 by Gary Mitchell
"Cruel shoes"

" I think he does fantastic work, and it just keeps getting better and better. He's also one of the nicest people I know, and I look forward to shooting with him again soon."

 Clearly, nude modeling was not something I planned on doing, it just somehow happened. I found I enjoyed the process, I enjoyed posing, and I seemed to have a good knack for it, so I kept on going, and going and going.

I don’t model for money, which allows me to just focus on the creative aspects, and to be picky about the collaborative efforts I embark on. My One Model Place has been up since April 2006, and I'm very proud of what I accomplished as a model since that point.

What are your expectations from a shoot, before, during and after ?

I prefer to shoot with the same photographers over and over again. Most of them are personal friends, which relieves some of the pressure in terms of expectations.

When you work with the same people, you pretty much know what to expect, and you know that no matter what, the shoot will be fun, and there will be good images. You are more likely to take creative risks because if it doesn’t work out, there’s always next time.

by Andrew J. Baran
"Revolving Continuation"

" This probably was one of my first ideas I ever wanted to shoot as a model. To see it - finally - after 2 years- come to completion with Andrew was quite fantastic. Sometimes it really does pay off to be patient. It very much has the Andrew baran look and feel. I love the end result, it completely stands on its own. There isn't much more rewarding than seeing an image you just completely love, an image you had in your mind for so long come to completion, and what everyone else thinks about it, just doesn't matter."

by Andrew J. Baran

" This image is somewhat reminiscent of Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. Vitruvian Man is Da Vinci's world famous drawing depicting the proportions of a man inside a circle and a square. This drawing has inspired many movies (Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter, Pi, etc..) as well as artists to create their own version of it, be it graphic, photographic, scultptural or any other perspective on capturing the human form within a primary shape. 2*PI*r = the circumference of a circle. I'm a math person. I love this. How could I not ? Thank you Andrew and Eve. Post Edit : Univers d'Artistes also posted an iteration on the Vitruvian Man on his blog (by Joe Oliveira). What a funny coincidence..."

I occasionally work with somebody new, and under those circumstances, these are the things that are important to me :

by Stephen Thorne
"Wishful thinking"

" Stephen Thorne always knows how to put a smile on my face. Friendship, kindness and a great sense of humor - I value these things more each day."

Before a shoot :

- Does the photographer have a base concept/idea of what he'd like to shoot - and does it align with my creative vision ?

- Is his approach professional and respectful towards the model

– do his references check out ?

- I look at this body of work and see if I can see myself fit in within that framework.

During the shoot :

- I prefer to shoot in a collaborative mode – exchange ideas, talk about how the shoot is progressing.

- I expect the photographer to be completely professional - but still fun and relaxed.

After the shoot :

- I expect that the photographer lives up to his part of the agreement and gets images back in a timely fashion.

- I expect the photographer to be discrete, professional and respectful all through the process.

by Jim Young
"An obvious indiscretion"
With Art Model Willow

by Jim Young

Are you waiting to be guided during a shoot ? Or do you prefer to be free to move as you feel it ?

When it comes to posing, I think I need little guidance or direction. I pretty much know how to move my body so it will look its best. Put on some music, and then I just go with it.

That being said, I do like to get feedback from the photographer if a pose needs correcting. I’m always open to suggestions and constructive criticism. I like seeing images throughout the shoot, so I have a better idea of what things look like, where to correct myself, and where to go next. It’s an iterative and collaborative process.

Where do the creative ideas come from ?

The creative ideas behind my images are, in large, a blend of different sources : some are a concept the photographer had in mind, some are prompted by a prop I brought to the shoot, some are my personal ideas, some start out as a very specific idea that somehow morphs into something else entirely. I don’t like to work according to a formula.

A good shoot is a combination of some planned, and some unplanned concepts. You have to focus on improving the things that work and dropping the things that don’t work.

by K Leo

What do you like the best about modeling, what do you like the least ?

I obviously enjoy the creative process in my modeling. The day I stop enjoying it as a whole, is also the day I stop modeling. I enjoy the freedom of being nude in front of a camera and the freedom to express myself through body movement. It’s like a dance and I have always loved dancing.

" Working with Bt is always lots of fun, and I hope to do it again soon. From a technical perspective, he knows his tools and trade extremely well. On the creative side of the spectrum, I think it's obvious that there are no self-imposed limits for him. Put those two together, and you get something very special."

What I dislike the most are politics, gossip, negativity, personal insecurities and egos you sometimes encounter. I don’t like it when people compare their work against others, or focus too much on the things other models/photographers do. Just do your own thing, and try to do it to the best of your ability. I think we are all guilty of this to some extent, but I’m trying hard to walk away from this type of stuff and focus on the things that matter the most to me. Let the images speak for themselves.

by Franck Piccolo

by Franck Piccolo
"Making an impression"

Who is your favorite photographer ? Model ?

I like many different photographers for many different reasons. I like photographers who create work that has a distinctive look and feel about it. I have a lot of photography books at home, and I really enjoy the work of Helmut Newton, Jean-Loup Sieff and Richard Avedon. As far as models, I would have to say Muse. She is fabulous.

" AJ Kahn exudes class and style throughout his work, and if you ever have the opportunity to meet him in person, you will understand why. Those attributes you can see in his work (class, style, a great sense of aesthetics, professionalism and perfectionism) - they carry through to him as an individual, which are valuable traits for a photographer to have. Working with him was an all-around fantastic experience."

You keep a blog, can you tell a little more about that ?

I started my blog well over a year ago. The goal was to use it as medium for highlighting the work I have been doing with some really good photographers in my area.

by Chris A. Hugues

Over time, I gradually moved away from that concept, and my blog is now slowly becoming a forum for women who model. Not models, but women who model. I think many people don’t think of the model as a real person, and I want to show that we are real women, with real feelings, ideas, preferences and passion. Women of all ages, all walks of life, all types of backgrounds that have shaped them to become the women and models they are.
My blog is also becoming a way to express ourselves not just through our images, but also through poetry, and writing.

What are you most grateful of when it comes to your work as a model ?

Aside from many beautiful prints and images I have received over the past year and a half, I also have grown a lot in the area of self confidence. My skin is much thicker now and I’m more comfortable with my body than I ever was before. I think that has helped me tremendously in all areas of my life. You walk a little taller knowing that you can be part of something so beautiful. I’m much less vulnerable to negative remarks or criticism because I know my worth as a model and as a woman.

by AJ Kahn


" This is an image from a very recent shoot with AJ Kahn. It's always a joy to shoot with him and this second session has been tremendously productive."

I’m also grateful for my very supportive network of friends – Jim Young, A. Owen Layne, Bt Charles, Gary M, just to name a few. I have learned so much from them, and I look forward to many more collaborations in the future.

Friends are important and, of course, my husband for allowing me to splurge in my passion. I found my happy place in the world of modeling.

Your future plans ?

I hope to maybe assume a bigger role in the MWSEP in terms of helping market the photographers’ work to a broader audience. I’m also hoping to kick off a project that is aimed at raising money for cancer research – a cause near and dear to my heart due to very personal reasons. I will post more on that in the future, when my plans are more concrete. I will continue to model, but my projects will be more specific in nature. I’m also learning how to become a good photographer myself. Other than that, I hope to grow my blog in terms of content and reach, and contribute to yours much more often !

by Jim Young
"Veiled in purple"

"I love shooting while having something I can engage with. That can be fabric, a piece of clothing, jewelry, a door, a wall, a rope, a chain, a tree, or any other prop. I can move with it, interact with it, and it takes the emphasis away from the camera. It breaks the tension, and I think we get better images as a result."

Any additional words you’ld like to share ?

I’d like to extend a special thank you to a few women who inspire me : Tarachin for sharing beauty of the soul, Willow for being being beautiful inside and out, some of my best work I did is with her, Mary for being a wonderful partner-in-crime when it comes to learning our cameras and lighting, and Lin for being a continuous source of inspiration.

There are many more people who have touched my life – I make sure to tell them often.
Thank you Chris, you are an inspiration and a wonderful friend !

Thank you Iris for this wonderful self-interview ! You're great, you're kind, you're wonderful... In fact, you're a Muse.

by Calliopes Room
"Pink Fluff"

" This is an image I shot with Carla, aka Calliopes Room. Carla is awesome ! We had so much fun brainstorming and shooting. And partying too."

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