October 30, 2007

Elena Moncrieff joins us

"Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk"
Model Tonya

Elena Moncrieff loves art, all form of art.

She's a theatre addict who enjoys acting on stage and watching as many performances than she can.

She also loves writing, even if she thinks, like me and many writers, "just the whole process of it is quite curious".

Besides all these deep passions, Elena Moncrieff is a true gifted artist full of creative emotions.

I'll never tell enough how much I love the feminine way to shoot. Her portfolio is a fantastic journey into her inspired soul. There is nothing shooted for nothing, each pictures has its own sense. And last, but not the least, I love her titles... Of course... She loves writing.


“Worry gives a small thing a big shadow.”

"Beyond The Invisible"
Art Model Lucy

"I look into the mirror, See myself, I'm all over me... I need space for my desires, Have to dive into my fantasies... I know as soon as I'll arrive, Everything is possible... 'Cause no one has to hide, Beyond the invisible..."
(Enigma - "Beyond The Invisible")

Revolutionary Senses, written by Elena Moncrieff :

" What I hear…
The uncontrollable fantasies weep on the icy surface of my soul,
And the deafening sound of tales of love and adoration echoes with their fall.

" What I see…
The grieving sepulchre of my frozen emotion trembles at the touch of butterflies,
And the murky land cracks with the fall of a wicked god-send rolling dice.

" What I smell…
The acerbic scent of my phantom’s burning essence floods the frosty air,
And the aromatic nightfall slowly drifts with treacly Machiavellian flair.

" What I taste…
The glacial ocean of one tear creates a perpetual sadness bitter in my mouth,
And the sweet blood of my forlorn broken heart steeply sings far out.

" What I feel…
The arctic darkness of this night covers my face and embraces my mind,
And sends her warmth through my temples, where a shelter She will find."

Show Me Forgiveness

"Show me forgiveness For having lost faith in myself, And let my own interior up To inferior forces. The shame is endless, But if soon stars show forgiveness The girl might live." (Björk - "Show Me Forgiveness")

"La Valse d'Amélie"

"Safe From Harm"
Art Model Diana

"Lucky dippers Crazy chancers Seems to be moving fast What happened to the nicities Of my childhood days Well I can't do nothing 'bout that, no But if you hurt what's mine I'll sure as hell retaliate... You can free the world, you can free my mind, Just as long as my baby's safe from harm tonight..." (Massive Attack - "Safe From Harm")

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