September 19, 2008

Welcome Paul Alexander

You'll find Paul Alexander at Alternative Images, Suffering For Art, deviantART.

"Contrasting Textures"

" This image took 10 months from the original idea, finding the stones, finding the right model to when I produced the print."

Paul Alexander is a renowned fine nude-art photographer from UK. And you'll understand why he's so awarded by watching the wonderful photographies I've selected, trying to show you how much he's inspired in a wide range of themes. What I love ? His consuming inventiveness.


" Just one of those unplanned images that worked.
The model was changing her dress during an outdoor shoot under a piece of my background material when I saw this image unfold. Natural lighting and no Photoshop !"

I have had letters after my name in photography for 30 years, during which time I have won numerous coveted awards and had too many images published and purchased globally to recall or to mention here.

Many have also been included in prestigious publications such as photography yearbooks which typically print only the best few images from a world-wide submission of thousands, and in other image collections with (unrelated) titles such as : "The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today" and "The Worlds Greatest Black White Photography."

By way of further examples, I have recently had an image featured in the BBC TV Countryfile Calendar and usually have at least two sets of images on exhibition in galleries at any one time.

"A day in the park"
Art Model Joceline Brooke-Hamilton

" They say every picture tells a story. So here's the one behind this image :
Just as I pressed the shutter, capturing this image in a local park, an elderly couple came into view walking along the path that was obscured by the model's tree. As soon as he saw us the man left the path and strode directly towards us brandishing his walking stick in the air and shouting "Excuse me, but do you realize ?... You've just made an old man very happy !"

"Vix""Natural lighting. Not even fill-in reflectors !"

"The Tree Hugger"

I am a member of the international professional judging panel for the photography competition websites Erotic Art and Photo Competition where over $2500 prize money per month is awarded to winning photographers.

I am also an Honorary Fellow, with numerous images nominated for the 2006 and 2007 Black and White Spider Awards, as well as being a member of The Association of Erotic Artists and the Royal Photographic Society.

"At the door"

I am currently in the process of compiling a body of fine-art photography based on a captive theme for publication in book form.

Ongoing projects feature "timeless" photographs of models in ancient cellars, archways, caves etc., often wrapped in rags or similar or materials.

These are fine-art images conveying a degree of subtle eroticism - as limited edition collectors' pieces.

"No Through Road"

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