September 28, 2008

My tribute to Yuri Bonder

In loving memory.

Yuri Bonder at In memory


"c Nude"

By Tony Dummett, photographer :
" To me the strength of Yuri's main body of work lies in his use of saturated colors as integral elements of his composition and the unusual perspectives he has taken on his varied subjects. A refreshing change indeed.

He demonstrates a confidence with his medium and a quirkiness of visualization that is both motivating to his fellow photographers (to get out and take some more pictures), and interesting to look at in itself.

Look closely at Yuri's images. They are what photography is (or should be) all about : use of your eyes, reflexes and your mind, all combined in one instant of capture to communicate a worthwhile idea."

"In Paradise Garden"

Rest in peace. Your images live on forever.


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