September 12, 2008

Welcome Wolf189

"I love women, I enjoy them, I respect them, and I always try to find a way to appreciate the sensuality that I see in them. All of that I do in a very journalistic style photography." Wolf189

Art Model Miss L

Recently published in Carrie Leigh's NUDE, and in a lot of magazines, Wolf189 is one of these rare photographers able to work on a wide range of themes with a great and always confirmed success (read his bio !).

Sharing the same deep passion for woman and photography (did you see it ?), it's for me an immense pleasure to welcome him here inside.

"Nude in motion"

Professional Fashion, Fine Art, Editorial, Portrait Photographer, Film Maker and Art Director. Different degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics Finance, Management, Computer Science, Market Analysis, Cinema and Art.

Started photography 18 years ago with Journalism and Editorial photography. I'm doing only film photography without any digital enhancements/manipulations on the results, using only natural light or available light most of the time (except the studio works of course). No crop or less than %5 crop in most cases.

I've been published in many different countries. I made two documentary films about "Caspian Sea" and the first Gulf War. I've been lucky enough to win a few different awards for my photography in different fields and styles. I've had 18 solo exhibitions so far."

Art Model Stella K

Art Model Brittany

From an article of Duclerck :

" Erotic photography could be many different things to many different people...but in my case it's rather close to shooting documentary portraits really.
Documentary because a big portion of my erotic shots are not posed even when they seem posed, and I like to shoot them in real settings instead of staging a location... and portraits because I strive to include and photograph the real characters of my subjects in my work. Of course on certain occasions I still do shoot conceptual posed works as well.

I have been a fan and an admirer of various visual mediums from a very young age... from drawing, and painting to photography and cinema. My father taught me the basics of photography at a very young age (I was 6, 7 or 8) on his Kodak Retinette camera and since then I have never stopped experimenting with photography and to this day I still haven't switched to digital photography.

I started shooting on a semi regular basis as a freelance photographer in Documentary, Street and Journalistic styles in my early teenage years. Shortly after, Travel, Editorial, Portrait and Fashion photography followed those styles. If I am not mistaken I didn't shoot fine art nude nor erotic photographs till about 1995/96, but since then they have been a major part of my photography.

"Janelle 42"
Art Model Miss J

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