December 24, 2008

Bella Blue

You'll find Bella Blue at : Model Brigade, Model Mayhem, deviantART.

by Joe Taravella
"Spaceball V"

by Michael Siu -

From Michael Siu : "Some models can't seem to look good upside down. They loose expression or look strained in the muscles their necks. Then there is Bella who exudes beauty no matter which way she poses."

Performer, trained dancer and model, Bella Blue is a wonderful person. I wanted to feature her on this so special day, to thank her for her deep kindness, and her beauty she shares with talent and generosity.

Bella Blue lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, near Michael Siu, contributing artist. She's modeling since little time after a career as a dancer, what explains her natural grace and her artistic desire to go beyond her limits. The result is splendid as you can see it.

Dear Bella, welcome on board ! We'll follow you.

Artist Statement :

" I just started doing some modeling and am really enjoying being able to use this as another artistic medium. I mainly am looking to just expand my knowledge in this art form and push myself beyond what I think I am capable of.

I am a classically trained dancer which I have found has become very beneficial in modeling. I am open to ideas and projects but do very much appreciate specifics.

I would like to concentrate on being able to "morph." I'd love to be able to pull off different looks and styles... just need to find the right photographers to partner with to be able to achieve this.

My main goal that I would like to come out of this is to one day publish a book with all of my best shots collected over the years. A coffee table book of sorts."

by Colin J Lacy
"Water Personified III"

by Colin J Lacy
"Water Personified II"

by Michael Siu
"Getting better at this..."

A more personal approach :

" I'm Bella. I was born and raised in New Orleans. I love it here. I think I always will. I'd love to eventually live other places but I think at some point, I'll always come back. I'll die on a streetcar or in Cafe du Monde or something.

From then, I have been branching out and trying so many new things. I rarely say no to an idea. I am up for anything. I try to raise the bar without going to overboard to the point where people don't even want to look at the work.

by Donn Corbitt
"The Burlesque Bella IV"

I am a classically trained dancer. Used to be a bunhead. A ballerina. Pointe shoes and all. Leotard. Tights. The whole nine yards.

After having 2 children, the ballerina dream kind of fell the wayside (no complaints there though) and then one day I got a random email from an artistic director of a burlesque troupe here in New Orleans. After some back and forth emails, I auditioned. I've been burlesque dancing for a year and half and I have to say that it most definitely was the missing piece to my puzzle.

by Storm Surge Photography
"Incomplete II"

Never before has anything in my life allowed me to be so artistically free as well as emotionally, creatively, and its enabled me to accept who/what I am as a woman as well as allowed me to fully accept and embrace my body.

by Michael Siu -
"What I see..."

by Optic Pursuit
"Bella in Infrared"

Something that most ballerinas never learn to do. If you are local, let me know. You should definitely come and check out a show. If you're not local then you should come to NOLA. And when you do, come see the show.

I want to learn as much as I can from other artists.

And get exposure. I don't want to be famous. But I do want to be remembered for being part of the creation of some great pieces of art whether it be photography, modeling, dancing or otherwise.

I hope you like what you see. If you do, let me know."

by Max Prophet
"The Bathroom"


Bella Blue said...

Incredible. I am deeply touched and honored. Thank you so much, dear:) I hope you have an incredible New Year's.

Anonymous said...

Bella is a brialliant dancer and model! I have worked with her on shoots as her wardrobe stylist and she is a blast to work with! If you are ever in NOLA come see her perform with Fleur de Tease. I saw her perform at Bourbon and Burlesque and she was wonderful! Congrats hun!

Anonymous said...

Bella is the epitome of true class. Many thanks to Bella for sharing her beauty, and to the artists that have represented her so well.