December 13, 2008

Welcome Marco Arbani

You'll find Marco Arbani at his blog, deviantART, Flickr, Carbonmade.

"Painted with shadows" - Model Béatrice

"Same session of the next one, but this is a more emotive portrait in my opinion… The shot is how it comes out from the camera, only converted it in bw."

Model Béatrice

He's young, passionate, devoted, talented, inspired (what else ?...)

At 23, imagine !, he already belongs all the needed qualities to become quickly a renowned and prolific photographer.

For my part, I'm his new fan, with an endless pleasure, and I'll follow him like his own shadow. I absolutely want to see where his deep and communicative commitment will bring his evolving style.

Keep his name in your mind, because you'll hear about him in a next future, as sure as two and two make four.

Nice to welcome you on board Marco !

Model Béatrice

"It has been a long time since I last met her… I miss her and the funny shootings we had.
This shot is taken from the last session before I left my city for Milan ; initially I didn't like this, but now I think her expression and her eyes are incredible."

" I'm Marco Arbani, 23 years old, I'm a student of graphic design at the IED in Milan.

I studied computer science but I knew that my passion and what I wanted to do was graphic design and photography, I wish these passions will be my work in future…

The passion for photography grew at the age of 16, I started taking shots with a digital camera with 1Mpixel only, very basic. I soon realized that I wanted more ; more quality and more control of my shots… I started to take pictures of my friends, of landscapes during holidays, always trying to find my style and to improve my techniques.

"Soul projection"
Model Claudia

The reflex changed my vision of photography, I felt I was losing something, I discovered a world hidden before.
I could control everything and the shot came out exactly as I imagined it in my mind.

After that I dedicated my free time to photography, always experimenting new light settings and digital postproduction. Actually I'm trying to realize my ideas concentrating myself particularly in shootings with models and portraits."

"Looking Back"
Model Claudia

"I like this very much, for the dark mood, for her expression. This is one of the first shots with Claudia.
Taken in one of the places I like most, an abandoned and partially ruined country house."

"Still waiting"
Model Elena

Marco Arbani ©

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Marco Arbani said...

Honored to be here, thank you very much for all the kind words and compliments.