December 16, 2008

Welcome RJ Berry

" One of the reasons to pose nude for me is that sometimes there is a story waiting to be created. Anyone wanting to create their own story with me is more than welcome. My door is always open to those who are dedicated to the freedom of making art." RJ Berry

by Joseph Crachiola

My dear RJ,

Today I'm so happy to be French...

Even if France is a small mouse which believes she's an elephant, defending the human rights like if they were her own creation (sic !). Even if we have the smallest president on earth... Never mind. Yes, today I'm glad to be French :

Because in France : NUDITY IS ART.

In France, nobody will never criticize you if you pose nude. You're an artist and that's it. Without you, no drawings, no paintings, no Manet, Degas, Toulouse Lautrec, Rodin or Lucien Clergue. To resume : no art.

In France, we are used to see nudity everywhere, on all the screens, inside, outside, in the churchs, the stations, the city-halls and the schools.

And you know what ? A life without nudity looks us strange, as if something about humanity was forgotten.

We born nude, we die nude,
and our body is the temple of our soul.

To end, I'll add this : I often tell to my young son to buy Playboy instead of watching one of these awful TV soaps where dead bodies are exposed, opened, bloody, without head, ripped, dissected, raped by insane serial directors.
So, my dear RJ, never forget that you make a wonderful and inspiring work. You're an ode to the life. You're the reason we have been made for. Keep strong against these false and inhibited moralistic people who should go and consult a psychiatrist as soon as possible. Don't let the sun go down on your faith. We need you.

by Frank Piccolo

RJ Berry is a very experienced model from USA.

Close friend of my dear Iris Dassault, with a true passion for the words, she works with :

Bodyshots, Allen Friday, Brian C. Winters, ACE Foto, David Scott, Jays Fashion and Glamour, Danson Images, Tom Lane, Oova, Jeebus Haze, Johnny Flamethrower, Bob Randall, Antoine Art, Guy Durnil, Rick Renaud, Andrew J Baran, Jim Hendrickson, Bill Kelly, Roy Dreibelbis, Stuart Photography, Razor 7, Frog516, Vincent Arthur, Jim Young, Aestus Imaging, VATO, Thom Briggs, J_R Photography, Spilt XO Sugar, Robert Gilbert, Mike Robison, DougPhoto, Rebellious Dreamer, AJ Kahn, Joe Crachiola, Irakly Shanidze, A. Owen Layne, Gary M, Dave Levingston, Eric Cain, Stephen Thorne, Shawn Lord, John Emrys, Dino T, Frank Piccolo, Ian Compton, Mike Russell, Big Randy Johnson, Yanki Yuksel, Valhallas Child...

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