December 19, 2008

Mike Cary Photo Art

Mike Cary is following this site. I always thank our followers ("our" because Univers d'Artistes" is a collective art site !). So I've visited his blog to leave him a kind comment and, cherries on the cake, I've discovered a creative and talented photographer... Wow !... So here he is, linked and followed, of course.

Art Model Yulia

Art Model Kerry

Over the past few years I've come to realize that for me photography is a journey without a destination and I find that to be a wonderfully freeing realization.

Think about it if only for a few seconds what it means to take a turn down that un-marked road of discovery or to try something new or different without having worry about arriving at a pre-determined place at the pre-determined time and the creative freedom it gives you.

What best describes the style of my Nude work ? I'd have to say traveling without a map. By this I mean I don't follow any particular genre but instead barrow a little from each as well as other types of photography including high fashion.

You see, I consider myself a recorder of beauty and art rather then a creator of either.

In saying this I mean most of my photographs start out as either very simple or vague ideas, that really only come to fruition when I'm actually shooting.

Or just as often are the results of a little spur of the moment inspiration."


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Thank you so very much for the link and the honor of showing some of my work on Univers d' Artistes