June 9, 2009

John Middelkoop by David Winge

by David Winge
UdA Art Editor

Where phenomenal technical skill and amazing creativity collide, you will find John Middelkoop. His attention to detail is exacting, and his concepts are brilliant.

Photo courtesy of Art Heart

John's work is recognizable for a flawless blend of beauty, emotion, and art, assembled by an obvious master of the craft.

John Middelkoop can be found at his Website, Studio site, Koopfilms, Model Mayhem and DeviantArt

"Mirror Mirror 15"Art Models Dexter LaRoderick and Nyx Valentine

"I've been taking pictures since 1967 and started doing my own darkroom work a couple of years later. During the intervening years, I've worked as a cinematographer, editor, producer, director, and writer. My clients have included major magazines, corporations, and advertising agencies.

"The Wall"
Art Model Zoe

While I’ve always shot personal work, it wasn’t until three years ago that I decided I would try to make a living shooting what I love to shoot. All the photographs included in this feature were shot during this period."

"Empire Hotel"

"I would describe my work as the opposite of pictorialism.

I strongly identify with the group of photographers known as f.64. Founding members included Ansel Adams (I use his Zone Systme), Edward Weston (I love his approach to life and art), and Imogen Cunningham. Their style has been labeled "straight photography."

"Refinery 2"
Art Model Art Heart

Words from John's site :

adjective. Of high quality, worth of or elicting admiration.

noun. The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

adjective. Not treated, processed, or prepared for use. Stripped, not having a dressing. Without clothing.

"Mirror Mirror 12"
Art Model Dexter LaRoderick

"I prefer to think of my style as image making fueled by the unconscious use of craft. My goal is always to create emotion for the viewer. This is where Minor White enters the picture - his big thing is previsualization. I imagine the finished image in my mind's eye and work backward to create it."

"Siren’s Song"
Art Model Stephanie Anne Landers

Art Model Marketa The Model

"Mirror Mirror 6"
Art Model Betcee May


"I use my innate knowledge of craft and technique to free my mind of conscious thought while I'm looking through the camera."

"Malin in the Jackson Pollock Room, Hotel Chelsea" -
Art Model M—Li

"Mermaid 5"
Art Model Heidi Gaines

"Hotel Chelsea"

Art Model M—Li

"For me, the act of creation is always a moment of pure beauty and connection to the spirit world.

I reject intellectualism as applied to art...

It is all about conveying emotion and a sense of beauty, a theme that runs through all my work."

Art Model Ginny Leigh

"The Standard-Natural Light"

Art Model Kitty Pantera

"Sacred Cove"
Art Model Ivory Flame

Art Model Stephanie Anne Landers

"Thank you for looking at my photography and to David Winge for his friendship."

"And thank you, John, for sharing your wonderful work with us."


Anonymous said...

Great to see a feature for John, another terrific photographer. We're always happy to have him present in person and through his work!

Jan Murphy said...

What a fabulous article and such stunning photography. Thank you David for bringing us this feature.