June 14, 2009

A little of everything

Abe Taltre -
"Fly from you"

Dave Hare -

François Benveniste -
"Yellow mark"
Art Model Liloo

Jim Young -
"An obvious indiscretion"
Art Models Iris Dassault and Willow

Siyar Demircan -

TH Taylor
"A little R and R"
Art Model and Photographer Iris Dassault -

John Tisbury -
"Nude with head towel"
Art Model Shelly Radley

Lucien Clergue
"Nu au bois flotté, 1971"

Manoj Jadhav -

Mopas -

Marc Hoppe -
"To the left"
Art Model Christina

Mic Ardant -
"Is the Conscience To exist a Problem ?"
Art Model Cindy Hope

Michael Siu -
"Mural Scene Rapture"
Art Model Betcee May -

Minon -

Gary Mitchell -
Art Model RJ Berry -

Brian A Woodwick -
"Mercury questions"

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