June 1, 2009

"Regarding a Muse", by Michael Siu

"Muse : the source of an artist's inspiration."
Written by Michael Siu, photographer

Art Model Iona

"Halo""The light descended from above, stripping her soul raw, leaving only that which is authentically her."

" I had a conversation with a friend and model the other day about being a muse.

She was insistent that she was not anyone's muse. She felt very strongly that she was an integral part of the creation of the art, in her mind that meant she could not be a muse.

After a long conversation I was finally able to convince her that being a muse was a good thing and that she inspires beauty and art in someone else.

I think from her perspective she thought being a muse meant some kind of ownership, control or lack of being part of the creative process and that aspect she was not wiling to give up.

Art Model Kaitlyn

Art Model Bella Blue and Nettie

"I am very proud to have had the oppotunity to work with both Michael and Nettie and even more proud of the images we were able to create as a team." Bella Blue


I haven't found a muse yet. I have found so much inspiration with numerous models.

A muse to me means a long term relationship. Someone who you shoot with numerous times over a very long period of time.

A mutual collaboration to create work that is clearly greater that the sum of its parts.

An evolving process of creating beautiful, creative work that speaks to us. One day perhaps."

Capturing Beauty

Available : here.

" Capturing Beauty is a culmination of numerous projects spanning 19 years of nude art photography.
The images are juxtaposed upon the pages in a curious relationship between darkness and light, studio and location, private moments and public adventures, strength and vulnerability. From the streets of San Francisco to the alleys of the French Quarter in New Orleans, all of the images within celebrate the female form. Come take this journey with me, through my lens you will see beauty as I captured it."

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unbearable lightness said...

Thank you for this thought-provoking feature, Michael. The photographer/muse subject is really timeless because it goes back centuries to all the model-muses of the great painters and sculptors. Your work is truly inspired and inspirational, whether the muse is external or just something inside you.