June 19, 2009

Michael Siu : the answer of a Muse, Nettie R Harris

"Muse : the source of an artist's inspiration."

by Michael Siu, photographer

After his article "Regarding a Muse", here is the answer of Nettie, Art Model :

"The Ninth Door Rev IV"
Art Model Nettie

"The Ninth Door Rev II"
Art Model Nettie

" I don't have the words Michael.

I don't know what to say.

As just me, the human, I've always said that my greatest desire is to stimulate and inspire others.
This is the basic definition of 'muse'.

But I want to be the muse and the photographer, the muse and the philosopher, the muse and the writer.

I want to inspire directly to a person, directly to a soul. Not be remembered through anothers art... but through my own.

It is as simple as this and more complex then I yet understand." Nettie

"The Ninth Door Rev III"
Art Model Nettie

Michael Siu (Nolaphoto Studios) ©

Capturing Beauty
His new book available : here.

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unbearable lightness said...

Thanks, Nettie and Michael, for beginning and continuing this discussion. Nettie's response explains why so many of the best models are now on the other side of the camera. I'll look for you there, Nettie!