June 3, 2009

Why ?

Lorand Peli -
"Red drink"

Carlos Gil Gamundi -

Matthew Sherfenberg -
"To be titled"
Art Model Brooke Lynne -

C : ...?... How could I say ?... Without complication ? And too many compliments. ... So many.

My favorites are not an hazard. Sometimes it's just a simple and very talking "Wow!", nothing really explicable. All is there. The model at her place. The light how she must be. With an idea. Clear. Nothing else to say than : "WOW!".

Sometimes I need to stop a little more. There is something that appeals me but I don't see why. I ask myself : "why this picture captures my attention ?"

Sometimes I need a stop. Because there is something hidden in this piece of art that I absolutely want to find. It's like writing. Evidence and research. OK, I see. OK, I search. What I hide behind my words. My favorites are all these sometimes.

Anca Cernoschi -
"Dora 8"

DearestGrudge Studio
"Natural Portrait"
Art Model St Merrique -

Vernon Trent -
"Hide inside ourselves"
Art Model Meli G.

Marc Hoppe -
Art Model and Photographer Kat Love -

Scott Nichol -
"Christian Springs"
Art Model Sarah Ellis -

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Jan said...

Thank you, I really enjoyed seeing what images Chris chose and so many of them are my faves also.... small world, small world.