April 28, 2018

GW Burns, his BW photographs

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"To all the fantastic models I have had the honor of working with: you are the true stars, I am only the night reflecting your splendor."

Working mainly in color, see there, I've choosen for the first time his BW photographs which show us another facet less "fantasy"of my dear and always happy GW Burns.

"The imagery that I project comes from my heart, inspired by my dreams. It can be said that a little part of me is captured within each of my pictures. Thus a GW Burns image is in essence a landscape of moods, emotions, and feelings that are my gifts to you."

An example of his impressive work in color


His powerful BW work

Morris Mendez

"Candle in the wind"
Good bye Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe)
Based on the unequaled true

"Coming up for air"


Art Model Kendra Gennette

"Farmers daughter"

 "Rear guard"

 "Sins of the citadel"

 "Soothing sting"

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