April 6, 2018

The multiple facets of Steve Lease

His favorite quote : "...choosing a model is 95% of a photograph." Helmut Newton

After a long long walk in all his portfolios, "Diversity" seems the word that characterizes the beautiful work of Steve Lease. Diversity in his Art Models of all colors, all forms, tattoed, innocent, provocative, diversity in the poses, diversity in the places... He seems to be everywhere. All genres interests Steve as you'll see. The only thing that doesn't change is his addiction for B/W.

It's not easy at all to jump from a genre to another and it's the strength of Steve Lease who began only in 2012 to specialize in the fine art nude with some very renowned Members' Art Models you often admire in the mag.

I'm very happy to welcome a citizen of the world. A lot of thanks dear Steve for your warmful enthusiasm, your choices and your confidence.

Congratulations Steve !

I’m honored to have one of my photos selected for an exhibition of portraits by the Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece. The exhibition runs from April 20 to May 3rd :

Art Model Amanda Rachele

Art Model Sieana Brown

Growing up my world seemed to be one of blacks and whites. Tabloid newspapers and photo magazines such as Look and Life were very popular, and many movies were filmed in black and white.When I decided to make photographs in 2011 it was a matter of nostalgia for me to work mostly with a monochromatic palette.

While I prefer what I consider to be the drama and mood of black and white images, in the end, it’s a matter of emotional attachment to what I loved as a child. 

However, I am not totally a prisoner to my preference. If a photo calls for color then that’s the direction I will take it

In 2012 I began to specialize in the fine art nude genre. Since then I have worked with many models including those who have chosen modeling to be their vocation as well as those who pursue modeling as an avocation. I like the mix.

My goal is to respond to each in a unique way balancing sensual elements with art. The intention is to create a fine art nude work that can stand on its own merits.

Art Model  Liv Spencer

Art Model Alexandria Adair

Art Model Alexandria Adair

Art Model Amanda

Art Model Candace Nirvana

Art Model Erica Jay

Art Model Monique

Art Model Faye Valenti

Art Model Carey

Art Model Floofie

Art Model Lucy

Art Model Freshie Juice

Art Model Heff

Art Model Keira Grant

Art Model Erica Jay

Art Model Olivia

Art Model Keira Grant

Art Model Tiffany Helms

The favorite portraits of Steve Lease

Occasionally, I will attempt outdoor unposed portraits. However, my preference is to make portraits in the studio. Unlike unposed portraits, which are the most natural, in the studio I have more control over the model. If we want a particular look we get a second chance to fine tune the image.
This image was taken at a Civil War reenactment.

A Union solider was sitting atop a horse and was riding by but stopped briefly when I took the photo. He then rode off and I never saw him again. No second chance. The studio affords the model and me the time and opportunity to set up a scene, change wardrobe, and add props if desired. 

SAM involved wardrobe preplanning. 

Despite preplanning, results can be surprising. For example, the reflection of light on the goggles was unanticipated. After a few shots SAM and I agreed that the glare on the lens was a happy accident.

Portraits with moody lighting:

Art Model Carlotta Champagne

Outdoor portraits: 

Art Model Liv Sage

Moody expressions: 

Art Model Denise Herrera

Portraits with hidden or partially revealed features: 

Art Model Carey Chrome

 Art Model Stevie Macaroni

Then there are portraits that emphasize a particular feature of the model:

Art Model Carey Chrome, the hair

Art Model Lucy Magdalene, the eyes

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