April 1, 2018

Trish Edwards, Winner n°1 of The photo-artistry UdA Awards

Member since 2018

1st Winner at the unanimity of the Jury

Her UdA Trophy
 Art Models Tom Eric and Caitlin Gerken

Her "Devastation" series surprised me by its human diversity. The beauty of Tom Eric reminds me Rodin. Then Trish Edwards uses carefully Photoshop what let us appreciate her talent and natural sense of the poses, the emotions, her plays with light and shadows. She found her signature because I could tell at the first sight : it's from Trish ! Of course, as she says, her work will evolve and I'm curious to see her new destinations, as a great traveler and photographer.

Again, Trish, all our congratulations for your art and your passion. I'm happy to welcome a citizen of the world and I thank you for your cooperation and your warmful confidence.

Art Model Tom Eric

I was born in New Zealand and presently live in Australia. I have always been creative and tried many mediums overtime.

I embarked on my photography journey 7 years ago and recently found digital artistry and realised that this medium alongside my photography will enable me to fulfils my aspirations and vision far beyond my wildest dreams.

I am inspired by the world around me, by mother nature, textures, light and shadows. 
I use my camera to capture what my eyes see, which is reflected and can be viewed in my 'Fine Art Photography'. 
I love pushing beyond this into the creative arena and use many tools of the trade to manipulate and transform images into what my creative mind sees, taking them into the realm of fantasy, whimsical and or dark moody images which is reflected in my 'Digital Artistry'. I endeavour to tell a story using both mediums to take the viewer on a journey beyond the image. My work varies in style and has been said to be dark, moody, light and surreal.  Some pieces are said to be challenging, confronting, invoking hidden emotions, healing and empowering, giving solitude, serenity and curiosity.
Digital Artistry enables me to express my creative inspirations beyond realism and into the world of the unknown.  'Art is to be experienced and not explained'.

I've always been creative  and use to visualise beyond my capabilities, until I explored the medium of 'digital artistry' and combining it with my photography has enabled me to express my creative inspirations beyond realism and into the world of the unknown.  It allows me to express what I see, what I feel, without inhibitions or fear of judgement. It allows me to be me the freedom to be creative.
My work is ever evolving, I haven't settled into a specific style for me its about 'the story', 'the message'.  I just go with what feels right.

Art Models Tom Eric and Caitlin Gerken

Rescued Models 
Art Models Tom Eric and Caitlin Gerken

This series 'Devastation' has many facets.  I was inspired by a photo I saw of Tom his physique and demeanour, powerful yet gentle. I wanted the outcome of the series to be simple and have a organic earthy feel, reflecting 'power and vulnerability'. Hence the work is not overdone and its simplistic just as I visualised, the treatment and mood is what adds to the story, the message.

I photographed these in studio and combined them with other images I had previously taken.  

I must say that at one stage while working on this series, I did veer off track and tried to add other elements and treatment but I continually came back to my original vision. So hence my artistic muse knows best, and the message is clear.

Photography is my passion but more than that its my soul food. It rejuvenates and inspires me to see things in a different way. It enables me to share with others those special moments and glimpses on how I see the world of which we all see differently. What I aim to share is what my soul sees and feels at the time of capture. 

Thank you to all of you who support and share this journey with me.

Before to admire the beautiful "Devastation" series, let's have a look on her often awarded and exhibited photographs :

One of her favorite
Water reflections at McLarens Falls-Bay of Plenty 

And another one she loves, in the same place
At McLarens Falls-Bay of Plenty

I visited Mongolia, China, Vietnam... I love to travel and explore, to immerse myself in my surroundings and enjoy capturing the moments and stories to share. Vietnam is a country that caught my heart off guard, not only is the landscape beautiful but the people with their warmth, open and generous souls stole my heart. In the countryside villages they toiled day and night, happy in their simplicity of life.

"At the market Amongst the flowers", Vietnam 

Awarded-Merit Creative category Perth Royal Show Photography Awards 2017. This is a composite sand dunes photo taken during day post processed then night sky dropped in.

"Lancelin starry night"

Thrilled today to receive my Certificate of achievement Awarded 2nd Runner-up in 'Moments' by Travel Photographer Society and will be Exhibited in TPS Awards 2018 Kuala Lumpur prestigious gallery White Box MAKPL in April 2018.

"Piercing The Dusty Plain" at inner Mongolia

Quietly pondering as she believes this will be her last harvest of herbs, due to her age. Evidence of the love and the importance of her family were in her home being surrounded by her grandchildren she has a gentle strength in her eyes and I couldn't help but wonder what her beautiful eyes had seen and experienced through her daily life in northern Vietnam. She belongs to the Black mung ethnic minority tribe.

 "Quiet Contemplation"

 "Walking into the Future"

 A glimpse of the Milky Way last night... such wonders of our universe.

The series "Devastation"

Through life we can experience times of devastation, which can consume us in many ways, for various reasons. To arrive at the mountain tops we must walk through some valleys as we navigate our way to the top.

Art Model Tom Eric



With Art Model Caitlin Gerken

Art Model Caitlin Gerken


"Masked Soul"


"Hidden Secrets"

"Unspoken Words"

"Mystery Women"

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