May 6, 2018

Karlo Flores, the accidental photographer

I discovered Karlo on Facebook and was struck by the way he captured unique moments. It's the angles, perspectives and composition he uses and how he integrates animal life into his street photography that touched me.

I developed my passion for photography by accident.

It all began when I borrowed my friend's point-and-shoot camera out of curiosity. I was fascinated how this beautiful device had the power to capture one single moment with superb sharpness and quality, especially when compared to my crappy camera phone.

I started taking photos of things that interested me and posted them on my Facebook page. I was always excited about how people reacted to my photos and praised them. The positive feedback I got from my friends only motivated me to do more.

I started to believe that I had an eye for photography. My learning process was all about trying new ideas, venturing into new perspectives and learning what works for me and my audience.

Curiosity was my best teacher.

I experimented a lot in compositions and techniques. My artistic pursuits led me into street photography and I devote most of my time to it. I don't remember exactly how I became infatuated with this genre, but I get a rush of excitement searching out that special moment. There is always this feeling of inner-tranquility that comes with wandering around a city and taking shots of strangers. I just love the thrill of hunting and capturing the marvels of daily life - even the most subtle moments that most people fail to notice.

I always allow my state of mind to be the source of my vision and creativity.

In street photography I always find the right ingredients. I hunt for images that are evocative, meditative and, most importantly, reflect my thoughts and feelings. I always allow my state of mind to be the source of my vision and creativity. 

Black and white or colour photography? It really depends on my mood and my creative vision. I experiment with both styles. However, I often choose to convert colour images to black and white when multiple colours would be a distraction from the photographer's central message, or if the composition of patterns and shadows further add to the mood and drama of the image.

I chose digital over film as it is more convenient for me. In fact, I haven't used a film camera since I was a kid and never used one for artistic purposes. However I have a deep admiration for film photographers as their medium requires a great amount of discipline. I also believe that film photographers are more contemplative - they probably meditate on their composition before clicking the shutter!

Embrace the beauty of imperfection.

To all aspiring street photographers, I have two pieces of advice :

Do it for the passion of the art rather than any potential fame it may bring. Passion is more rewarding. Perfection is the enemy of creativity and success.

Always critique your own work and seek to improve but don't chase the perfect shot. Embrace the beauty of imperfection.

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