May 16, 2018

The BW visions of RUST2d

Member since 2009

" My inspiration sources ? The beauty around me. I can't escape it, it is always around me.

When I started I liked only beautiful faces and luxury elegant poses. At this time I didn't think about the backgrounds and a good lighting. If compositions and prettiness of the models satisfied my appetites, I thought my shot was really good. Then I started to shot in studio. I tried to "eat" the faces and bodies with deep shadow and began my experiments with colour filters and different lightning schemes, and liked it most.

After a few years of endless shootings, I've understood that shots with interesting ideas are much better than pictures with only sensual and beautiful girls... Better later than never. So I've started to write scenaries for my sessions.


"Black smoka"


Now, for the first time, I exhibit the BW photographs of my creative Russian friend, RUST2d. I didn't know his passion for ballet dancers nor his male photographs, two new facets of his talent I'm happy to discover. 

"Black hand"


"Dancers feet"


Art Model Ksenya Ivanova

"Man nude seria"
Art Model Richardo


Art Model Natalie

"Silver nude lay down"

"Strange fish"

"Yugin fire"

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Carolyn Lacasse said...

Wow! Stunning images. I love this.