October 14, 2015

Nikola Borissov for the first time

Nikola Borissov 

"Svilena is happy"
Actress Svilena Kidess


Nikola Borissov is 27 years old and lives in Milan, Italy (or Sofia, Bulgaria).

Street and portrait photographer that travels a lot for Vogue, Maxim and many other great names, I know his wonderful work since my "first steps" in the fine art world. He's one of my favorite photographers, a great one full of a creative passion for love and beauty.

Reading his diary with an endless pleasure, I always found we have a lot in common : our way to watch the "civilized" world, our love for joy and hapiness, our need to make something to make the world better, and above all, our so deep vocation to which we give our entire life... totally, without any concession...

So, it's a great honour and a privilege to welcome such a great artist.

Deya I

Actress Svilena Kidess

" I was born in Bulgaria in 1980. In 1999 I moved to Milan when I graduated in Political Sciences and International Economics.
During my studies I became obsessed with photography and dedicated my life, soul, passion and emotions to it. Through photography I learned how to see, I opened my eyes and saw the raw beauty of the world, that is all around us, sometimes hidden or distorted, but still there ; I merged myself with the perfection of the moment, of the beauty, of nature, of people. Photography let me breathe freely."

Svetle for Maxim

Gabriela Barros

All his passion from his diary (two years ago) :


" Life is a really strange thing. I mean, really. You never know what might happen tomorrow. Or after an hour. Fascinating, isn't it ? But at the end, life is beautiful. That's what I wrote about last night in my main blog (it's in Bulgarian, I don't have the mental resource to write so much in English).

Everything is strange, beautiful, colorful, infinite. And the world is just so big, so strange, so... so much of everything. And I want to capture it all, to admire everything, to penetrate everything. I want to capture the soul of things, the meaning of being. And the only instrument for me is my photography. An image can tell more than thousands and thousands of words could ever do.

Things are undescrivable, but... feelable ? And the perfect photograph is still out there, waiting for me to see it and capture it. Click. The perfect moment, the perfect subject, the perfect meaning. The essence of perfection... I've always tried to achieve it, in everything I do, even before discovering photography's charm and becoming obsessed with it.

"Bodygraphia workshop VI"

" There's so much to see, so many things to do, so many places to visit, so many people to meet, so many perfect moments to contemplate, so many stories to hear, so many stories to tell, so many things to be inspired from, so many moments you want to last forever... Life is beautiful, yes, but so short.

O Sonho - "The Dream"

"Svilena II 2"
Actress Svilena Kidess

" And I am already 25, and completely blank. Unformatted. I haven't achieved nothing. I have been nowhere. I am like a white piece of paper, waiting to be written on.

Sometimes I am nowhere, and yet everywhere. I don't exist, and yet I am everything. I do nothing, and yet I dream of doing so many things. And I am like the zephyr (what a beautiful, tasty word... zephyr zephyr zephyr), like the desert wind, uncatchable, untouchable, unseen and unseenable.

I am one with the heart of the Earth, the soul of Gaya, with the essence of it all... and yet I am continiously trying to capture it.

I am a Chevalier de la Lumière, a Knight of the Light... And my eye is my sword. You know, actually photography is a very philosophycal thing. Teaches you to see things."


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