October 17, 2015

Welcome Jim Young

"Lela 5"
Art Model Lela Rae

Jim Young... Viewed through the words of Iris Dassault, Jim Young is a great professionnal and a very kind man she loves work with.

Viewed through my eyes, surfing from site to site to know everything about him, I've discovered a really talented artist, since his childhood (as so many artists, check here) and a great master of light.

With a preference for black and white pictures, Jim Young has the gift to find everytime the best composition.

All his photos have a sense (I love that !), a story I could write, all coming from a beautiful inspiration that I admire, and I envy (writing is so "volatile"...).

Many photographers told me that an image worths a thousand words (thanks for the writers ! :), so here is the art of Jim Young.

" I am from the Detroit area. I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of exploring through the lens, new ways of viewing the female form. With light and shadow, I explore the essence of the beauty, in the lines, curves and shapes of the female body.

" I started in the arts in my early teens, drawing, painting, and taking pictures. My love of the natural world drove my art. I remember makeshift darkrooms in my parents' basements and community college photography classes.

"Very dirty girls"
Art Models Kristina, Iris Dassault and Koko

"Old news..."
Art Model Chantal

" The realization of my artistic goals would have to wait, however. First came my stint in the corporate world, with a career at the telephone company. I traveled widely, and photographed landscapes in wild places.

" After 16 years of corporate life I was given the option of a buyout, and I decided to take it. I went back to school, and majored in photography. At school I found myself drawing and painting through required classes again. This time I learned how to do things the right way, though. How thankful I am now that I paid attention.

" I graduated from the Center for Creative Studies with a BFA. Along the way I discovered a new landscape to explore and a new way to explore it. The darkroom that had been my temple was becoming my bane; the digital world came into existence just in time for me. The idea of having to turn my work over to someone else to finish was not an option.

"Beautiful strength"
Art Model Mandy

"She silently descends"

Art Model Iris Dassault

Jim Young in Digital photographer

" The new landscape I discovered in school was the female body, and the new way to explore was through digital photography. For me the art is not necessarily in the capture of an image ; it can be just the beginning. Give me an image and my current image editing software along with a tablet and a pen, all that drawing and painting converge with my darkroom experience to help me create my own reality. I'm looking for the essence of the beauty that is in front of me. When I feel the convergence is right, a new image is born."

"Sifting through the light"

"Before the moment passes..."
Art Model Brandi

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