October 20, 2015

Doug Winsor is with us

Doug Winsor at deviantART, Model Mayhem.

"c . c-m"
Art Model Karma

Doug Winsor lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. ... Ok.

How old is he ? I don't know, and who cares ?...

How does he look like ? I don't find any self-portrait, but, again, who cares ?... His clichés are telling us everything we need.

Obviously very talented, with a clear predilection for black and white pictures, Doug Winsor calls himself "photo-manipulator", revealing by there the power of his imagination and the strength of his inspiration.

I can't tell you more about this "discreet" artist, published in Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Now, Eye, Canadian Musician, Chart Mag, etc... except he's a true one that I'm impatient to know better.

"Cold day"
Art Model Karma

"Perfect j."
Art Model Jana

"Storm coming"

"So alone"

Some comments you'll read on his official site :
" Very nice work. Never the same picture twice."

" Your work is very inspiring. Thanks for the motivation you provide me to be the best."

" Such a wonderful page, and models are so fine !"

"That's art."

"Jana sundown"
Art Model Jana

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