October 6, 2015

The vision of GW Burns

GW Burns at DeviantART

"Cellar Dwellar"
Art Model Daniella Bae

First time I discovered GW Burns, living in United States, it means at least 5 years ago, I was immediatly very impressed by his powerful imagination, and many of his references to a mythology I'm still studying with a deep respect. Since this first heart-quake, I never changed my mind about his amazing and inspired work.

Worlwide renowned, original, always authentic, GW Burns is a creative artist, knowing everything about light and tones. His inspirational compositions are always strong and enchanting. Working with famous models like Desiree Starr, Whitney Rose and many other beautiful ones, GW Burns captures more than their so gorgeous bodies, what is the essence of his art, as you'll read it yourself.

"To all the fantastic models I have had the honor of working with, you are the true stars, I am only the night with which reflects your splendor."

So... And to make short, I'm proud to introduce the talented GW Burns I thank a lot :

"Life in a Fishbowl"

When I plan my shots I always remember that this moment in time will be frozen for all to enjoy. It can be a testament to both the models and my feelings. Taking a vision and making it come to fruition is the challenge that drives me each and every shoot.

My goal is to project mood in everyone of my images. I love meshing the background into the story of the picture. 

That is why I scout my locations ahead of time and shoot them before the model ever arrives. I want you, the viewer, to be able to literally inhale the panorama of the image. Thus the background is as important to the image as the model herself.

Balancing the composition so that the background compliments, but never dominates the subject matter, is the art of a great picture. Consequently, I love to lead the model on an adventure, not just a picture taking session.

"Back to her roots"
"Sometimes in the hustle bustle of everyday life, going back to one's roots is cathartic to the sense of being !"

"Sayonara Baby"

"The Last Stand"

The imagery that I project comes from my heart, inspired by my dreams. It can be said that a little part of me is captured within each of my pictures. Thus a GW Burns image is in essence a landscape of moods, emotions, and feelings that are my gifts to you.

If you are looking to give your pictures an edge of style, imagination, and uniqueness, contact me. I have a great collection of vintage and retro clothes by Passe' Boutique for my models to choose from for one of a kind quality shots.

"Some like it Hot"

"Stained Glass Jungle"
"Shot in the jungles of Costa Rica"

" No wonder Mark Anthony abandoned his troops !"

Women in my eyes :

For each of us what is sexy about a woman differs greatly. For me I love to portray women of strength. Show me a woman who is independant and strong and I idolize her. Show me a woman who can weather a storm still holding her composure with grace and I fall in love.

You will note that the women in my images are all of strength. That is why I love to shoot them from a low view point to demonstrate this pillar of strength.

Many of my images contain women defying the odds and boldly staring off the page as if to say hit me with your best shot, cause tomorrow I will still be here. I want women to look me in the eye on the same level as myself, if we are to be a team. I do not like to shoot women looking down at them for a subserviant is not my equal and will never earn my respect.

Some have mentioned the word exploitation in the nature of the nudity in my pics, but I say who is exploiting who? It is mans weakness that women exploit and it is only when the male can say no does he know true power. The question is who can say no to a beautiful woman ? There is a reason why Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships after all !

"Hookah Heaven"

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