October 9, 2015

Welcome Katarzyna Rzeszowska

Katarzyna Rzeszowska (Amelia Photography) at her official site, this one (?), deviantART.


Among all the words I could write (and you know my passion for them !) about Katarzyna Rzeszowska, "Poetry" is the best one to define her style.

As for many woman photographers, her artistic work shows us one more time how much a woman photographied by a woman can be poetically sublimated.

Katarzyna Rzeszowska, gifted artist from Poland, doesn't like to write about herself... Furthermore in english. Therefore, you'll read a quick interview.

Katarzyna, tell us how did you get into photography ?

My love for photography has begun by spending my time in the darkroom with my dad, when I was a small child.

From where do you come your inspiration ?

From my heart, my life. All the stories of my models are talking with make also part of my daily inspiration.

How long could you be far from your camera ?

I'm never going out without it. My camera is a part of me.

Some words about your models ?

My models are "ordinary" women who feel the need for a time to show their beauty. They have not to be excellent, I just give them the freedom of their desires.

How long dit it take to find your own style ?

I seriously photograph since two years.

Katarzyna Rzeszowska has been featured in "FotoAkt", "Claudia", a magazine for women, and "Foto magazine".

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