October 5, 2014

Tim Haylock, welcome !

You'll find Tim Haylock at his official site, Model Mayhem, Purestorm, deviantART, net-model.

"Selene 18"
Art Model Selene

"Evey 6"
Art Model Evey

Tim Haylock is a London based photographer, shooting fashion, art nude, alternative and glamour (as well as the occasional landscape and still life).
With a clear preference for the color indoors or studio shootings, Tim shows us how much he cares about the light and the composition, and therefore about all the details which make his difference, this pure and so creative simplicity so hard to capture. It was my first impression, and after a long time to admire his work, I know that it was the good one.

Thanks you Tim for your art and your trust ! And welcome !

"Rachel 2"
Art Model Rachel

"I was given my first camera at the age of six, and used it so much that for my eighth birthday I was bought a fully manual 35mm Yashica rangefinder.

"Selene 12"
Art Model Selene

When I reached eleven I discovered the darkroom, and I subsequently spent most of my teenage years under a dull red glow, spending hours learning printing techniques.

"Iveta 15"
Art Model Iveta Niklova -

"Lottie 1"
Art Model Lottie

"Lottie 9"
Art Model Lottie

"Anita 7"
Art Model Anita DeBauch

After leaving university and losing access to a darkroom, I took a break from photography for a number of years, only starting again with the emergence of digital technology.

I enthusiastically applied my previous darkroom experience to Photoshop, and after a few years of experimenting on friends and family, they finally persuaded me to take the plunge and start shooting models seriously in the summer of 2008.

My main interests are currently in fashion, nude and beauty images, and I'm particularly keen on blending these styles, hopefully producing something unusual and engaging in the process.

"Kaylie 3"
Art Model Kaylie

I like to collaborate with models wherever possible, discussing potential ideas and images in advance of a session so that we can both contribute something to the finished result.

I enjoy working with models at all levels of experience; shooting with an accomplished art nude model can be incredibly productive, and they often have ideas and insights which can be incredibly useful.

On the other hand, new models will often have a fresh, enthusiastic viewpoint and less structured approach, which can lead to some rewarding images."

"Emma 8"
Art Model Lady Blossom

Tim Haylock ©


Jan said...

I love Tim's work and what a lovely selection you have chosen Chris.

Well put together both of you.

daveq said...

Excellent! Love Tim's work and this is a great selection.

Dave Quinn