October 29, 2014

Evgeniy Shaman joins us

Evgeniy Shaman at photo.net, photosight.ru, Nonstop Photos.

"Broken world - more poetic"

Evgeniy Shaman is one of these inspired and so gifted artists I belove.

Imaginative, prolific, poetic, creative, always authentic, will I find enough words to describe all the emotions I feel contemplating his fantastic work ?

There are no "free" pictures in his portfolios. Each shot is a story he tells us, which touches our heart, full of this melancholic russian "touch" I appreciate so much, as you know it.

So, to make short, I'm sure you can imagine the pleasure I feel to welcome him.

"Puzzle cube"

Born in 1982 in Moscow, Evgeniy Shaman is the winner of several photography competitions. Many of his works are in private collections in Russia and abroad.

" My style is Dark Art (a rift towards darkness). I think, it’s much harder to create an impression of coldness, sadness, human pain than of joy and laughter. That’s why I chose this path !"

"Elle - Second dream of dollsmaker"

Extract from an interview by Juliana Voloz :

" In the process of doing the shoots I have defined two requirements that help to convey feelings and emotions more fully.

First, I need a precise, competent actor, who can generate lively emotions (even though they are invented for each scenario).

Second, it’s being able to recall previously experienced emotions and to re-enact them. Satisfying the second condition can be harder for me, but the result is, as a rule, much more powerful.

These two conditions, of course, can be intertwined. Wonderful, deep, and truly unique works are born out of such photographic experiments.

Album of Lily series

" The artistry itself is an inseparable part of the scenario, of the creation of the images during the shoot. I mean the clothes, the decorations, the make-up, etc. It doesn’t matter whether the picture is manipulated on a computer or manually, whether it’s a film or a digital file. The important thing is that the artist has put his soul into his work, his emotions, and that they are seen and valued."

Album of Lily series

"Axis flip"

The difference between honest and simulated emotions can be seen in two examples of Nude shooting, where it was necessary to convey the mutual feelings and emotions of two partners : one couple (a man and a woman) were just good friends, they were partners on the set. The other couple were close ; they were in love with each other. In this example, where we were trying to convey the closeness between two people, their emotions and feelings, pictures of the second couple certainly outdid the first by 101%.

At one shoot I was able to experience myself what it means to pose with a good model (a good actor) or with a person who is close to me (the woman I love). The result is certainly better when the emotions are not simulated. You can sense these emotions immediately – they just sweep over you out of the tender (or rough) touches, the confluence of the gazes, the mutual aura of these two people.

"Twilight Café"

But, closeness and tenderness are not always the topic that the photographer wants to explore. Sometimes he wants the opposite, to convey a feeling of distance and coldness between people. Then I invite people whom I know to be completely different from one another, in character and in behaviour. BUT, if they are able and talented actors, even people who are deeply in love with each other can be good at conveying estrangement and coldness. Then the success of the project depends on the abilities of the art photographer, and, of course, of the actors.

"My classics"


Evgeniy Shaman ©

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