October 7, 2014

Welcome Perry Gallagher

Perry Gallagher at Model Mayhem, deviantART


I know the works of Perry Gallagher since a long time. Of course... Of course because is one the most worldwide renowned photographer, for evident reasons you could see by yourself.

Working on a wide range of style, from soft nudes to fetish shots, his portfolio is always for me an exquisite pleasure to visit.

Every photo is outstanding, every model gorgeous (no more than 40 of the most beautiful models in the world, above all don't miss Anyssa Jordan !), every pose is elegant and inspired...

To make short, the goal of Perry Gallagher is to give us the essence of his models, and he succeeds with a great talent.

"Fishnet gloves"
Art Model Anyssa Jordan

" Cereal, cereal, cereal...I couldn't eat it fast enough. It was in the third grade that I developed a huge appetite for breakfast cereal after seeing that with just six box tops and $5, I could send away for a camera. Of course, the camera was no bargain for six box tops and five bucks, but it was my first camera and I fell in love with photography.


" When I turned 14, I worked an entire summer to pay for my first single lens reflex, a Canon Ftb QL. During the years that followed, I shot anything and everything. After school, I would spend my evenings in the school darkroom. I was pretty proud of being the only student given a key. It was in high school that I realized I had more photography in my veins than blood, and I discovered my life's passion.


" After high school, I started college and, of course, felt I had to start taking life seriously. I decided on a business degree, after which followed a serious career.

Now, 18 years later, I have realized the importance of making time each day to not take life so seriously. With the support and encouragement of my family and friends, I pursue my passion for photography.

I am very grateful to the women featured in my gallery who have devoted their time and energy in helping to create my art."


"Moss 2"
Art Model Anyssa Jordan

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