October 5, 2014

Zhang Jingna joins us

" Being the photographer isn't just pushing a button, I need to focus because I need to constantly think about the picture."
Zhang Jingna

Model Gosia

20 years old ?

I had to check several times to be really sure. Talent has no age, I knew it, but I'm always surprised when I discover a young and so talented photographer.

Imagine the artistic work she'll make in her future... Think about the time she has to go into her vision in depth, and makes part of the worldwide most renowned photographers ! Because it's her destiny, I'm sure.

She has found her way. What happy she must be !

" I am the wind"

Zhang Jingna

Only picking up photography 2 years ago, 20 year old Zhang Jingna (aka zemotion) is based in Singapore.

Model Masha

Jingna specializes primarily in fashion, portraits and commercial. A fashion designer, model, makeup artist, and writer before, she was self taught without the academic restrictions of vision and ideal.

From Tan Man Photo :
"She's very talented and very very good in bringing out the best in her models. Every time I check to see her new photos my jaws drop in surprise to see that another batch of very interesting photos is up for viewing.

I love her work and definitely interested in meeting her someday. Cheers to Jingna Zhang ! A special photographer that blow your mind with her beautiful photographs."

In 2007, she became the youngest ever recipient of Associateship in the Masters Photographers Association, and also awarded the Singapore Master Photographer that same year.

"This side up II"
Model Kagetsuki

In photography you need a good and strong team, and it really takes time (and luck) to build one. I have studied both fashion design and makeup before, so it helps in the sense I know what I want and what works when I started.

"The Heart of Everything"
Model Janna

But being the photographer isn't just pushing a button, I need to focus because I need to constantly think about the picture. It's fine for a personal shoot actually, but on a job if I don't have a team on set then I'd have to also worry about all other logistics, arranging clothes on the model, touching up the makeup, finessing the set, with time constraints and other demands it'd go quite crazy.

My strength is probably my vision, it’s probably what made me improve because it’s something beyond the technicalities.

Also, how I can deal with shooting under constraints. A lot of time I do shoots in my room on my bed or my living room or in somewhere that’s really not conducive for shooting, the space is really narrow but I try to make do and move around.

Model Selia

"Treasure Innocence II"

With photography I am my own boss and I can decide what jobs I want to take and what kind of people I want to work with. It is just like when I was in air rifle – you want to do well, you want to make your country proud and win medals. Just that now I’m doing it with a DSLR.

"of the Night"
Model Landy

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