October 9, 2014

Welcome Whitman O'Rourke

Whitman O'Rourke at Photo Points, Model Mayhem, deviantART.

Art Model Holga

"Lying naked on a bed..."

Working mainly in BW, Whitman O'Rourke (self called "pop artist", from Philadelphia, USA) has this particular "realistic" style in common with Brian Mackey, Kiran Patil, Peter Checksfield or Al Calkins : he captures the truth, the daily life, simple and so rich of fabulous hidden moments for imprevisible shots.

Disregarding conventions, politically engaged (and so secret about him...), the inspired Whitman O'Rourke shoots like a photojournalist. His pictures have a sense. His pictures are talking, a lot.

It's the reason why I wanted to feature him. He told me yes, I tell him a big thanks !

"Lonely again 2"

"Barcart 4"

I am a middle aged, white, Christian, monogamous, heterosexual male.
I am a Liberal.
I am quiet... I can sit in a room full of people for hours and not say a word.
I like women with pubic hair.
I believe everyone looks beautiful nude... with the right photographer, of course.
I drink fancy-ass micro-brewed beers and Belgian style beers.
I'm one of those crazy Philadelphia sports fans.
I got my start in photography posting pictures of my wife on voyeurweb. Before that I never would touch a camera.
I don't take myself, or anyone else, very seriously.
I have a darkroom in my basement and my photography interest is moving toward film photography, toy cameras, vintage cameras, high speed film, fast lenses, film noir erotica, vintage pin up..."

"Untitled 1.9.06"
Art Model Dorie

Art Model Laila

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