October 18, 2014

Parisian Photographer joins us

Parisian Photographer at his official site, Model Mayhem, deviantART

"Imply what you want"
Art Model Tania

Semi professional photographer, 31 years old, Parisian Photographer is a passionate and enthusiast man, first good reason to become (thanks Renaud !) a new contributing artist.

Then, (or before ?), pacing up and down all his sites, I've found very beautiful B&W pictures... probably one of the most difficult exercises in photography. And here is the second good reason for his feature here inside.

Born in Paris, France, where I lived all my life, I settled in Miami in 2000, living two dreams at once…

I am a photographer, greatly interested in making connections with people who think, dream and breathe “photography”.

"Kim nude 3146"
Art Model Kim

"Veronika Castle 3629"
Art Model Veronika

Lin Bee recently wrote about BW photography in her worldwide renowned blog Fluffytek :

" It takes skill and forethought to communicate in the language of grey. You’re not just recording a scene “as is.” You’re creating a mood, an ambience, a style.
In that split second before you press the shutter, you have to imagine what an image is going to look like finished and printed, so as to judge how to use the light as a tool to capture that perfect shade of grey and thus capture the precise emotion you were looking for.
Yikes ! Sounds complicated ? That’s because it is. As a BW photographer you have to be a highly talented clairvoyant. You have to see the future before it happens, which takes an immense amount of skill and forethought.
When done successfully, the results can evoke a very powerful emotional reaction, and IMO that’s what makes BW photography such an incredible artistic medium."

"Nicole Tree 3842"
Art Model Nicole

"Drenched in Love"
Art Model Carla

Parisian Photographer ©

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