September 24, 2007

Doug Faircloth's first feature

You'll find Doug Faircloth at : his official site, net-model, deviantART.

"A Cold Place, A Warm Heart"

I recently discovered Doug Faircloth thanks to Mic Ardant. Before a real interview, here are some of his photographs I appreciate a lot.

"Marni at St Johns"

"Members only"

" My passion for creating images can be seen in my galleries.

I love playing with light and convey stories, ideas and dreams in a frame, capturing that moment in time forever. I'm constantly striving to create more beautiful and dynamic images. My styles are many and varied.

My main career is a film editor and I work internationally on mainstream - i.e. recognised media, ITV, ABC (U.S & Aust.), Ch4, BBC 1,2,3&4, Ch4, Ch5, Discovery, HBO, Nat Geo, Network 7 and Network 10, broadcast documentaries, dramas and music programmes. I have been nominated for or have been lucky enough to receive several prime international awards in the UK, USA and Australia."

"Waiting at the Well"

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